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Top 5 of Cordoba footballers around the world

We tell you who the Cordoba football players are triumphant in leagues of different countries. They didn't settle for the Cordovan League and went outside.

Argentines around the world

Succeeding in the world of football is not easy. But more and more people are betting on growing up in this sport and being able to reach the major leagues. Many of the young people who are spinning around the world, and beating in different clubs, are Cordoba. Most came out of clubs like Belgrano, Workshops, Institute and more. Others were simply born in Córdoba, but they made their professional lives elsewhere. We tell you the top 5 of the Cordoba footballers who walk abroad.

1. Franco Vázquez

Or “El mudo” Vázquez was born in Tanti. Today he has Italian nationality and plays in Sevilla Fútbol Club de la Liga Santander. Play as a playmaker and break it! He had opportunities to play with the Italian national team, but currently opted for the blue and white. He started his career in the club Barrio Parque de Córdoba, and he keeps growing.

2. Franco Vezzoni

From the Cordovan league to European football without scales, Vezzoni never stops succeeding. At the age of sixteen, the boy came to the Inter. From Italy he remembers the paddocks of his hometown: Cosquín. Its career just started, but it started with everything. Franco fulfilled the baby's dream, and we hope it will continue to comply with them. And keep showing us that we can make it.

3. Thomas Attis

The Cordovan pirate left the province and begins his career in a Spanish club: the San Fernando CD. Fans of Belgrano are crazy, and they follow their matches as if they were the pirate's. light blue. From club to club, Tomás plays as a striker, and he does not lose any goal. Total, from Cordoba we sing them to you.

4. Gonzalo Maroni

The current team is the Sampdoria Series A of Italy. Its origin, Cordoba. His great love: Institute. She's only 20 years old, she lives in dreams. He came to the European leagues and can live off his passion: football. The fan of La Gloria is the pride of all Cordobes. And from here we send him all the strength to keep breaking it.

5. Lucas Zelarayan

Lucas is having fun on the Mexican courts. And the ones who have the best time are the ones who play with him. The kid breaks it in the UANL Tigers of Mexico's First Division. The Chinaman plays hook. And he got to where he is, after having debuted with Belgrano.

With a top five of Cordoba footballers, we fell short. There are many who besides quartet and fernet, they have her tied up. Our best wishes for these kids which triumph from Cordoba and for the world.

Publication Date: 23/12/2019

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