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The Salta entrepreneur who won an award in Silicon Valley

This is Cecilia Flores, who will receive two million dollars to finance her company.

Cecilia Flores became the first Latin American to win the  “Female Founders Competition” competition, which is aimed at promoting  women's enterprises in the field of technology. In this way, the businesswoman Salta earned two million dollars to invest in her company  Webbe,  whose headquarters are located in the United States and Argentina.

The prize funds were provided by Pivotal VC, Melisa Gates and Microsoft's M12 Venture capital. The aim of the initiative is to enable companies with at least  one  woman  among their founders  to raise the capital to promote a project that can provide solutions for the mostoacute; n to a business problem.

The truth is that technological growth surpasses that of any other industry. However, despite its booming, female integration continues to present challenges around the world. In  Silicon Valley, the cradle of emerging technology, only 2% of the budget is allocated to women-led  enterprises . With this inclusive spirit, the competition, in its second edition, extended to Europe and Asia and opened two categories (Deeptech and Software as a Service) with a strong male predominance. Cecilia competed in these categories with 1500 participants from where only two winners were selected.

At the age of 40, Cecilia serves as marketing director for  Webbe,  which is dedicated to generating technology solutions that “help solve global challenges.” The company aims to contribute to the reduction of food waste. In this way, the money obtained will be used to reduce inefficiencies in the production process in agriculture, food and beverage industries.

 Walking to success... 

The award is the result of years of hard work and tenacity. Cecilia's history has its origin in Salta, although it currently resides in the United States. She studied Marketing and Communications at Blas Pascal University in Córdoba and, in 2013, she founded the company with her husband, Lucas Funes.

During the early days the couple did not have the necessary investment to obtain the desired results. Driven by the desire for a new turn,  marriage decided to venture into the competitive North American market.  The couple moved to  Miami  in 2015 and two years later chose to venture into Silicon Valley, an area located in California, home to major tech companies.The perfect setting for Cecilia and Lucas' dream to begin to take shape. Once installed, they began to make a place by circumventing obstacles and facing tough competition. That tour led them to make important collaborations, even worked with the renowned Panasonic brand.

One of the advantages of  Webbe 's proposal is that the systems can be managed by the customers themselves without the need for the intervention of a specialist. This type of IIoT (Industrial IoT) technologies gained prominence in recent years due to its impact on the global economy. The Internet of Things in industrial enterprises enables process automation, the use of connected products and intelligent systems, which has a positive impact on many industries.

The couple's technological proposal aims  to improve and optimize resource performance and  environmental sustainability.  With a little two-year-old daughter, the grand prize came to crown the efforts of Cecilia and Lucas and promote a rising career for these  Argentine entrepreneurs. 

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