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Alejandro Vigilante is a plastic artist who combines digital art and traditional painting. A pop artist who does not conceive art without the Internet.

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 What is art?  Since it ceased to be used solely to represent reality,  art  has been mutating for decades. A concept in permanent movement that today — as it could not be otherwise — is also crossed  by the Internet  and social networks.  Alejandro Vigilante  is Argentine and is one of the precursors of i-Pop  .

What distinguishes  Alejandro Vigilante  from other artists is that he does not require the real space to expose his work: his   virtual paintings   are furor in the world. In his works, he  combines digital art and traditional painting on canvas . He is the founder of the i-Art movement.

He was born in Palermo (Buenos Aires) in 1964, but has been based in the   United States  since decades. Long before others, he discovered that the future of art was in  multimedia . His works have the  pop imprint  of the 1960s and 70s, and his artistic experience goes from traditional to digital. The i-Art movement  includes, in addition to  social networks , blogs, e-mails, chats and web pages.  His works are born on the screen and then go to the canvas .  Design  virtual frames using Photoshop, which then materializes through the image transfer technique.

The most sought after

The artist's works go around the world. He exhibited his collections in galleries in   Buenos Aires , New York, Punta del Este,  Miami , Barcelona, Los Angeles, Mexico and  Amsterdam ,  among other cities. Great personalities are fans of his work:  Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga, Gloria Estefan, Halle Berry  are some of them.

With the  pandemic , exposures are slowing down. But this is not an impediment to  Alejandro Vigilante , who moves like fish in the water on  social networks . He continues to work, create and be a furor among his followers with his  virtual paintings .

It is worth taking a walk around and knowing what it is all about.

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Publication Date: 11/06/2020

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