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The Hippocratic Oath to the Entrerriana

Doctor Ernestina Angarola decided to return to the country to collaborate during the health emergency. “Ours first,” says the hippocratic oath.

Don Hippocrates lived in the fifth century BC and wrote what should be the duties of those who practice medicine. “ To carry no other purpose than the good and health of the sick ” is the basis of commitment. Hippocrates made them swear to his disciples that they would bring  health  throughout the world. Over two millennia, the Hippocratic Oath of Greek continues to be the basis of medical ethics globally. Naturally, it is also the ethical principle for Argentine and Entrerrian doctors. However, the great sage of antiquity did not specify where to start in times of  pandemic . Therefore, when it comes to meeting it, our health professionals chose to start at home first. Thank you, Hippocrates!

Ernestina Angarola is the  Paranaense  doctor who decided to start fulfilling her Hippocratic Oath in our country above all places.  Ernestina was part of the group of Argentine doctors who returned to the country to fight the pandemic . The flight came from Zurich,  Switzerland,  after a trail of European connections to bring them all together and fly together to the country.

 A hopeful flight 

Health professionals returned to Argentina from different cities in  Europe . There, they worked in medical research or in residences to complete their training. “ Our responsibility is to be in our hospitals,”  said Ernestina Angarola, doctor at the Italian Hospital of the City of Buenos Aires. The doctor entrerriana comes from  Barcelona , where she resides as part of a professional improvement program.

She returned to the country with a hundred health professionals. Argentine doctors, nurses and kinesiologists moved on a flight of the company Edelweiss. This  plane  had its trip without passengers planned. The aim was to arrive in the country and to repatriate the 301 Swiss who were in Argentina. But the initiative of Argentine doctors in Europe transformed it into a hopeful journey.

“Everyone's attitude adds up. We, as professionals, are going to be in our jobs. But the important thing is that people stay in their homes,” concluded Angarola.

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