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The design of a new life

Belén Calderazi thought she was going to be an architect all her life. Today he has a design company in
Argentines around the world
| 15 January, 2020 |

Belén Calderazi thought she was going to be an architect all her life. I had a life going on in Buenos Aires, a successful career, but one day it is stress faced with a reality: I had to slow down a little. This is how he took his savings (about 5000 euros) and left for Europe in search of a new life. Today he has a design venture through which he produces products from recycled plastic.

Born and raised in the neighborhood of Belgrano, she finished high school and decided to study Architecture at the UBA. He got a good job and, a few years later, went further: he started working on his own building houses. But the workload surpassed it and began to wonder whether it was worth living with that stress. Then he made the decision that changed his life: to emigrate.

His first stop was Barcelona, but it wasn’t what I expected. He tried his hand with Berlin , and he did feel comfortable there. He got a job, a place to live and dealt with his main obstacle: he didn’t know German. She signed up for a course where she met her current partner, a Chilean graphic designer . Together, they began to shape 4UPCYCLING, an enterprise through which they manufacture design products from disused plastics. They are made from pots to waist bags .

Thanks to this sustainable and innovative idea, Belén managed to add quality of life with a lower workload and great stability. From all this, something became clear to him: you can always change and start over, if the result it brings is more happiness.

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