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The Argentine who died in the Vietnam War

Although it is not a well-known case, there was also an Argentine who died in the US invasion of Vietnam.
Argentines around the world
| 24 January, 2020 |

In the Vietnam War more than 2 million people died. It was a war that took place at the height of the cold war, a conflict that, fortunately, kept us at a healthy distance. But it is not necessary to believe that no Argentinian was the victim of the Yankee invasion of Asian territory. Ignacio Ezcurra, a photographer born in San Isidro, lost his life in the conflict.

Ignacio had traveled as a correspondent for the newspaper La Nation. First he went through Paris: it was more easy to get a visa to enter the territory in conflict if those who applied for it were the French authorities. After many formalities and some diplomatic juggling, he did it. I had your permission. So is the ticket to Saigon. He arrived in April ’68.

The only Latin American journalist in Vietnam was Argentine

Ezcurra was the only Latin American journalist present in the conflict, so he used the services of Associated Press, an international news agency that had deployed its resources throughout the country of Ho Chi Minh. On May 8 he published the first chronicle. At home she had left a 25-year-old pregnant woman of three months and a one-year-old daughter. He hadn’t crossed his mind not to come back.

A day later, Ignacio was riding a jeep with other colleagues to try to access difficult terrain, it became known then by his fellow travelers, aware of the danger he was in. In that same jeep, hours later, someone rescued and protected the helmet with his “Press” sign and his inseparable Pentax camera. Nothing else was heard from him.

At times when unfortunately in our region we can check how totalitarian regimes usually focus on the press as the main enemy (the symbolic combat is at least as important as the real), from Being Argentinean express our admiration and gratitude to all those who risk their own lives to tell the facts in the most objective way possible. Wherever you are, Ignacio, Thank you for everything.

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