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The Argentine who bought a house in Sicily for 1 euro

Cecilia Solari is 46 years old and is the happy owner of a house in a dream place: Mussomeli, Sicily.
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| 06 January, 2020 |

The hardest moments in our lives can lead to completely unexpected new beginnings. Cecilia Solari lost her husband three years ago. After that coup, he made a decision: to go out and see the world. The trip took her to Sicily (Italy), perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world.

In Mussomeli, a small village on the island, he met a unique opportunity: he bought a house for 1 euro. It happens that these villages are losing population because young people leave to other destinations in search of opportunities. Then, the administration of this village of 10 thousand inhabitants (in the province of Caltanissetta, Sicily) has decided to offer the properties that are vacant by this symbolicvalue .

It was so as Cecilia, like dozens of foreigners, was able to acquire a house of three floors and 250 square meters. However, the repair of the apartment cost him something more than 1 euro, since that is the condition required by the administration in exchange for the houses uninhabited of the village. According to reports, more than 100 houses have already been sold with this modality.

Cecilia, she’s a craftsman and, now, Mussomeli’s new neighbor. At the age of 46, she has a new life in a place that, years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined.

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