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Elias Ongay is a missionary and lyrical singer. More than a year ago she lives in Barcelona and sings opera on the most important stages in the world.

Argentines around the world
Elías Onga

When we think about opera, we imagine moving away in time and space. One of the first images that come to mind is a pompous theatrical setting in some distant Italian city. Who did not see or hear, even by hearsay,  La Traviata  or  Rigoletto  by Giusseppe Verdi? What about  the   Marriage of Figaro  ?

The taste for  opera  has reached every corner of the world. Naturally, also to the red land, specifically to the ears of Elias Ongay, a  missionary  and lyrical singer.  The story of Elijah and the opera begins in Misiones and continues today through the most important lyrical music centers in  the world  . Established just a year and a half ago in Barcelona, Ongay participates in works and works of world prestige. He was in operas such as  Cosí fan Tutte ,  Las Bodas de Figaro ,  La Finta Giardiniera ,  La Canterina ,  Die Fledermaus , among others.

 Getting Started 

Elias was born in  Posadas . At the age of 3 he settled with his family in El Soberbio and lived there all his childhood and adolescence. “ I discovered that my future was to sing lyrical music since, at home, there was always a lot of opera . My father played the piano, as an amateur, and my aunt was a singer too. That made me feel that  music  always came to me in several ways,” said the missionary tenor.

“I started in music studying piano, when I was 12. And soon I realized that singing was what I was most passionate about,” said Ongay. His high school studies at a German school helped him discover his fascination with lyrical works in German. A  language  in which it continues to stand out today, in addition to Italian and French.

 Much more than talent 

Elijah makes it clear that he did not get to the place where he is alone because of his  talent . “It's dedication, hard work and constancy,” the artist confessed. “Sometimes when they hear you sing, they say, 'Oh, what a voice, what a talent. ' But in reality, that talent does not develop without training and work. It's not something you buy or something you're born with. It also has to do with a lot of work,  dedication  and care,” said Ongay. “ It's a discipline. Because you have to be careful with food, drink, study, rest. There are many factors involved ,” he concluded.

The missionary lives in Barcelona, where he works and continues to take classes with lyric specialists.  He acknowledges that he does not yet master the Catalan language, but that he is learning . He is currently studying for the role of evangelist in  The Passion According to St. Matthew . In addition, he prepares for this 2020 several musical pieces.  Le Cantatrici Villane  de Fioravanti, L'occasione fa il ladro  , and La Scala di Seta  by G. Rossini, among others.

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Publication Date: 08/07/2020

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