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Buenos Aires high school students get second place in an international competition

The students designed “smart and eco-friendly garments” and gained recognition in an international competition that seeks “creative and innovative solutions in 24 hours” to problems posed by companies.

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Estudiantes secundarios

Students from a Buenos Aires high school designed  “smart and eco-friendly garments” . They won second place in an international competition. It seeks “creative and innovative solutions in 24 hours” to problems posed by companies.

The competition “Les 24h de l'innovation” was organized by the School of Higher Technology of the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada.  It consisted of 16 challenges that participants had to solve in one day . Young Argentines, students of the School Técnica 2 in Olavarría, responded to the challenge of devising “smart and eco-friendly garments”. The school participated from the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad del Centro.

 “ We invented Your Ecotex, a biodegradable and electroshrinkable fiber made with alginate and lactose, from seaweed and milk. These allow you to manufacture garments that fit the body with unique sizes. In addition, they are biodegradable, renewable and non-polluting “, explained the contestants.

Adolescents also incorporated into textile innovation maize leaf fibres and other agricultural waste to “maximize agricultural production and reuse waste”.

“The environmental impact is minimal, because the production of algae is fast-growing and prevents excessive energy consumption. It also implies a much lower cost of production than traditional textiles, such as cotton,” they said.

The difference of this invention with other renewable garments is that “they can adapt to the body because the plant fibers are woven with nitinol nanofibres (nickel and titanium), so that the fabric contracts evenly to reach the desired size by electric charges.”

To do this,  the garments have built-in mini batteries that are charged by the energy of the movement of the body itself .

The team, called “Tango”, consists of students Isaias Aguilar, Bautista Bai, Brenda Bustamante, Sasha Hiese, Pilar Mares, Mateo Napoli, Mariano Farías, Fernando Velásquez, Máximo Gottau and Leonardo Rinaldi, fifth, sixth and seventh year of technical school 2.

Meanwhile, the first place went to a group from The University of Technology in Troyes, France. The third went to a team from Universidad Privada del Norte, Peru.

All of them  received as a prize a number of technological devices .

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 01/06/2019

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