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Scholarship to study climate change

Martina Galeano is a Mendoza winemaker who studies at UC Davis in the United States. Investigate climate change in vineyards.

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Martina Galeano es una enóloga

 Martina Galeano lives a different quarantine.The Mendoza winemaker is studying and researching at UC Davis, California,   United States . And, as part of his thesis, he analyzes the effects of climate change on vineyards. Specifically, his thesis project, carried out in collaboration with E&J Gallo,  studies the effects of heat waves and irrigation practices on the physiological responses of the vine, the chemical composition of the grape, and the chemical and sensory composition of wine . Galeano agreed to the project after winning a Fulbright scholarship, awarded by the National Ministry of Education together with the U.S. Embassy in Argentina.

In short, through the project,  Martina investigates the relationship between the high temperatures of some specific cultivars and the demand for irrigation during heat waves.  The goal is to achieve a more sustainable viticulture and a more efficient use of water.

The main reason for this research is because climate change is imminent, little by little the arable areas will be reduced, not only for vineyards, but also for agriculture in general, which can cause a food crisis,  especially considering a world population in constant conditions.  increase. Galeano has said that this is a complex area,  because it is not only sought  to use water efficiently  , but also to ensure that the quality of grapes and vineyards does not get lost. 

As good Mendoza, some details are interesting to us, such as, for example, the level of impact of rising temperatures on crops. Therefore,  the study is extremely interesting, the increase in extreme maximum temperatures and its frequency will be a limiting factor for the development of the vine, its photosynthetic and evapotranspirative capacity  .

His intention is to train himself as much as possible and return to our country to turn his knowledge. First, because it is one of the conditions of the scholarship:  after two years out, he has to go back two years to Argentina to apply what he studied. And secondly, because research is also being done there, and Martina considers it important to start addressing these issues in the province and in the country.  

Galeano, in Mendoza,  works at Bodega Tapestry . When the opportunity for the scholarship arose, from the winery they fully supported her to take it, so when she returns, her desire is to go back there. His idea is to try to expand the area of research related to climate change.

 Mendoza winemakers around the world 

Martina is not the only Mendoza winemaker working abroad.  John Banovsky is another case.  At only 27 years old  , it has already gone through several wineries abroad and currently works in the winery “Dos Hemispheres”, the only winery in Ecuador that has wineown.

The low average age of Mendoza winemakers working in other parts of the  planet is highlighted. The desire to know new worlds, the situation of our country and its capabilities are the arguments that lead them to make the decision.

Publication Date: 17/09/2020

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