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Past, present and future

Why is going out and touring the world with what's on is a fantasy we all have?

Argentines around the world
pasado, presente, futuro. Relojes

Yesterday I read a note that a couple of Argentines who  worked  in digital advertising (how I understand them, friends), decided to give up everything (work, rent and false security) to go to go around the world changing home and food for work. The work, in his case, went from looking after a  vegetable garden  to painting a wall, from fixing a bathroom to teaching Spanish. Anyway, “whatever.”

What motivates the leap of faith?

Why is leaving everything behind and going out and touring the world in what's on is a fantasy we all had once? What is the desire that awakens? Where does the longing lie? Do we have any specific reasons? Is there an inherited  nomadic  instinct? Without getting too existentialist — although we could, sober theoretical tools — I think a big evil of our time is to think that what we're doing is not the best thing that could be happening to us. Notice that I don't even say that we think that what we're doing is not “good,” it's not “the best.”

Give your best and do not run away in the attempt

If we think that the search starts from the feeling of “here I am not living as much as I could” or “I have a potential and do not develop it to the expected level.” Premises of this style are triggers to make the decision to abandon everything, get out with what is worn and that life will lead us. However, it is worth questioning how much of that is real and how much we convince ourselves that we cannot grow here. In what sense to grow up? Maybe it's just about the crowd of routine disguised as a desire to free or fill a void with experiences that here, in our house we would not dare to live.

Could we not leave that false security in our country and walk the  routes  or the streets without more concern than where we are going to sleep and what are we going to eat? I dare think yes, it would be possible, but for that there are several prejudices to bring down. The other's gaze feels more accusatory in the nearby environment: family, friends, coworkers. Instead, going everything around the world has some idealization. Accepted, allowed. It even enjoys a certain  glamour . Let everyone feel the freedom to be who wants here or there. Because life is one and if we do not find the possibility of the adventure borders outside it should not be a reason not to jump.

Past, present and future. Much more than verbal times

We live desperate behind a delusional clock that forces us to make ourselves more and more. How many times, while we do something are we thinking about what we're going to do next? If we think so, what value are we giving to the present? And that's where you need to be careful: the present is all we have. The past has passed and the future is an entelechia. So, coming back, working from “anything” in exchange for home and food (basic necessities par excellence), it seems to me that somehow what it generates is a kind of obligation to inhabit the present. There is nothing to accumulate, nothing to save, nothing to plan: we just need to paint that wall to, in a while, receive a plate of food and a blankets.

Going back to the beginning, I think we all once had that fantasy (in my case much more than “ever”) because what we are looking forward to, deep down, is to get a little out of this system that transforms us into slaves of ourselves, into slaves of our irrelevant desires, mortgaging, without realizing it, what & uacute; only we have: the now. I leave 'em because I'm going to play with my son, who, luckily, doesn't want to leave everything and go travel the world, he just wants us to do carreritas on one foot around the living room. Thank heaven.

Publication Date: 12/11/2018

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