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Passion for horses

We present three stories of Argentines who stand out in the world for one thing in common: the love of horses and polo.

Argentines around the world

If there is something that defines Argentines, it is the passion with which they do things. And that's what often makes us stand out around the world. Today we are going to tell you three stories that have as protagonists Argentines who stand out in the world for one thing in common: love for  horses .

 Polo  is an increasingly popular sport among foreign elites and Argentines have a lot to bring. Most of them travel to work as a petisero. The petisero is something like the connection between the horse and the rider. He is in charge of checking the physical and emotional state of the animal and knows perfectly all the horses of the stable, since he is in charge of them from the moment they are born.

Three stories

Agustín Calvo is a native of Vivoratá, a village of 1000 inhabitants on the side of Highway 2, in  Buenos Aires . For him, the field is an everyday thing: nature and horses were their natural habitat. Over the years, that experience that gave him the place where he was born led him to travel the world. From Vivoratá he went to New Zealand, then to  England  and is currently in  China  . There he works at the Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club for an English patron who values the Argentineans' experience in that field.

Salvador Nero's story is similar. He grew up in the Buenos Aires town of Trenque Lauquen and, since he was a boy, attended as a petisero two of his cousins, both professional polo players. He was then received as an agronomist, but needed new experiences. Together with his girlfriend, then, they left for Australia, where he got a job as a petisero. Then they came to England and finally to  Spain .

Argentine women do not abound in the stables of the world. That's why Carolina Vila's case is an exception. A native of Las Flores, Buenos Aires, today lives in Windsor, England. There he came from the hand of his brother, who was working as a petisero at Henley's Black Bears club. Today, almost 10 years later, he works for an Englishman who plays at the Four Quarters club. In addition, she was the head of Agustín Merlos, twice champion of the Argentino Abierto de Polo.

Three different but similar stories. Three more  examples  of Argentines triumph wherever they go.

Publication Date: 08/10/2019

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