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On a bike that takes me everywhere

Gonzalo and Tomás are two friends who decided to leave everything and embark on adventure: they traveled Latin America by
Argentines around the world
Gonzalo y Tomás son dos amigos que decidieron dejar todo y lanzarse a la aventura
26 January, 2020

How many times do we fantasize about leaving everything and going on a journey, aimlessly, for an indefinite time? How many of us would really be willing to do that? If you’re looking for an inspirational story that pushes you into adventure, we’re going to tell you Gonzalo and Tomás, two friends who traveled Latin Americaby bikefor over a year.

“ On a bike that takes me everywhere”, like the song by Shakira and Carlos Vives: this was the experience ofGonzalo Roselli and Tomás Morixe. These two friends from Berazategui, in the south of Buenos Aires, one day decided to realize a dream that they had been postponing years ago: gave up their affections, their jobs, their studies, and they left. They left in March 2017 for an adventure that lasted 14 months, in which they spent only 1500 dollars.

Gonzalo and Tomás chose the bicycle as a means of transport for several reasons: it provides freedom, does not need parking, allows physical activity, does not pollute and is economical. The idea was given by an acquaintance of Gonzalo’s sister, a German who had done the same feat before them. That was the push they needed to start.

The journey

For more than a year, they pedaled for beautiful landscapes, met people, slept in tents and in the houses of strangers. They left aimlessly, nor set time: they only knew that the first destination was going to be the north of Argentina. The rest was put together on the fly.

Then, from Berazategui they left for San Juan and La Rioja. They then crossed to Chile, where they visited Iquique and Alica. Thereafter, Peru: Ilo, Arequipa and Cusco. They pedaled Ecuador from end to end and followed Colombia: Pasto and Cali · Global Voices From Cartagena de Indias they flew to Cancun, where worked a few months. The total route? 6500 kilometres per route Officer. A day, 100 kilometers.

As they did not want to invest all their savings (came out with 3000 dollars and spent only 1500), looked for other ways to generate money: street selling sandwiches and salads, or hostel exchange. In addition, they volunteered in NGOs and offered classes free yoga and meditation.

The whole experience is summarized in his book Pedal Nomads and in his Instagram account: @nomadasapedal.

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