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Nomad Family, Part Two

If you want to know how to lead a life in a nomadic way, don't miss this note.

Argentines around the world
Familia Nómade

In this second part, Andrea tells us about the most general experiences of Familia Nomade and how wonderful to live the way they do.

What surprised them most of the people who were crossing along the road?

We discovered that  there is a world and people totally different from what we were taught to be . The  trip  showed us that a large part of the world is willing to help you. Even if you don't take help, you can make someone unhappy.

Cases of these we had everywhere; on the route for example, cars horn you or give you money and buy you things. We don't buy nappies for 11 months because  people give you without you going to ask. We didn't need to ask, but it was happening. 

This  is also seen on  social media , people all the time are giving us their encouragement . Recently we happened to be renewing the recording equipment, we planned to buy them here in Guatemala, where we are installed. Then through an Instagram story, a girl who follows us a long time ago bought it from us from the U.S. And he brought it to us. And so all the time, it's the magic of  travel , a lot of travelers know it.

Something nice that happened to us is  to warn that some traveler we met in  Neuquén is going to go. People help him right away,  he's very well predisposed.

How are they happening, despite the context, in Guatemala?

We were going through the pandemic here: 7 months in the Green Caribbean, located in San Felipe de Lara. We had a great time. We can't say we had a bad time because there are a lot of people who had a really bad time and it would be unfair.  In those months we got a lot of projects that we couldn't achieve because we were moving .

At first we were told that COVID-19 was going to last 15 days; then we published that we were here, and that we had a certain budget to rent.  Soon we started raining proposals, they wanted to lend us from rooms to whole houses , people are wonderful. We chose Mary, who lent us a house (she lives elsewhere). A beautiful, green house, two blocks from the lake, with what you need to pass the pandemic. Guatemala welcomed us with open arms and  we are super happy that the pandemic has caught us in this country. 

In the future, would you wish to be somewhere in particular?

We are broad, the idea is to go around the world once and a thousand times, go everywhere. As iconic places, I would love to go to Paris, a dream was to know the Caribbean and I already did, in its different expressions. I don  't think there's a specific place, we want to scratch the map .

What yes,  we would like to visit Argentina shortly,  because we are not going for a while ago. We would never live in one place again, but we do want to go back and travel around our country.

What can you tell us about solventación and travel?

In principle, we came out with very little silver because most of what we put together we use it to build the RV. But, we  just got out, we work . In a short time we were doing photography for hotels and restaurants and managed it with the tool we had that was photography. In addition, Jere began to do graphic design on the trip, and I advice for restaurants, decoration for hotels . At first we opened the range of possibilities ; even bracelets made, without being artisans! Things we never thought about doing.

Over time, we realized that we  always had the idea of making videos for the channel . It's not easy and we started doing it, but we stopped when the babes were born. It wasn't the time and we devoted full time to them.  Familia Nómade was born in Ecuador and there we started to put a lot on Youtube . The main goal was to solve us with social networks, to live from what came in the channel, from advertising. To this day we live on it, 100%.  It's like making a career, receiving you and dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about.  Communicating and making videos we love and is a great achievement for us. At first we saw the family alone. Now, we happen to find followers on the street and to greet us, it's beautiful.

Besides, on my own I do travelling planner. It is custom-made travel logistics for the person, it works wonders. I love it and it's super easy for me.

Publication Date: 23/11/2020

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