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Living outside in times of coronavirus

Paulo Nardi settled, together with his whole family, more than 15 years ago, in the Canary Islands. How do you live this pandemic outside?

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Paulo lives in Gran Canaria since 2002, when he left with the whole family. “We are consolidated, making our lives here. ” They run three bakeries, confectionery and pastry shops. And although the Canary Islands have not recorded high levels of COVID-19infection , they are not outside the different measures. The situation generated by the pandemic worries: “When we enter quarantine and in a state of alarm, our activity has been suspended 100%.”

Economic situation

Labour laws in Spain have a section that are the Files of Temporary Regulation of Employment. This is managed by employers and the Spanish state covers 75% of each employee's salary for the duration of the quarantine situation. Paulo comments that “Spain has had to go outside to ask for the money to solve so many files that have been processed . The European Union will have to support them.”

As is known, the tourism industry is an axis fundamental in the life of this archipelago. It is that many people arrive from other parts of Spain, or from outside, to spend a few days of heat during the harsh winter boreal. However, this has also been hit: “A very high percentage of the gross product of the islands is made up of tourism. And during Easter we had 0% occupancy hotel”.

Number of encouraging

“ Here in the Canary Islands there have not been many cases of coronavirus because, being an asylum territory, it has been possible to control pretty good. But in Madrid or Barcelona, where it has hit harder, in recent days there has been a significant drop in dead and infected.”

Living on an island has its advantages in the face of this panorama: “In The Canary Islands are in a privileged situation due to territorial confinement that we have as an island. There are very few air and maritime communications we have on the continent. For this reason, the local city council asked to forward the exit of quarantine for us, but the National Government doesn't want to know anything. They seek that the output is general, from all over the country.”

The note closes with a message of hope, of a kind that has lived in his own flesh how bad it can be if you don't take the appropriate measures in time: “I want to send a greeting and a voice of hope to all the people of Mendoza.”

Publication Date: 17/04/2020

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