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Life in Dubai, an oil oasis

From the falls to one of the richest places in the world: this is the reality of Carla Gil, a
Argentines around the world
De las cataratas a una de los lugares más ricos del mundo
| 18 December, 2019 |

Carla Gil is a missionary who left the Iguazu Falls for the architectural and technological wonders built by the petrodollars in Dubai. The missionary in Dubai is an accountant and her journey abroad gave her the opportunity to specialize and achieve an MBA.

Arab culture is particular, its roots are very strong and there are elements from other Western cultures that are unacceptable to them. This makes adaptation really difficult. The missionary in Dubai explains, but also demystifies, much of what is thought.

Carla explains that her life is similar to what she may have elsewhere, but there are some things to take care of. Punctuality in Dubai, as in almost all places except Argentina, is non-negotiable. Women are treated differently in this culture than in western women. Gil recounts that he often has to cover his knees and shoulders in meetings, to avoid offending the Arabs. Activity on social networks can cause a problem and you need to be careful. “You can get a fine of 500,000 dirhams if you post someone’s photo without consent,” said the missionary in Dubai.

Mates, Cell Phones and Family

Carla Gil took her mate about 13,000 miles from Misiones to Dubai. “ Mate is very famous here,” the accountant said. In supermarkets of Syrian culture you can find mate, but they have a different way of taking it. The 32-year-old says that, with her cell phone, she does everything: “I order delivery, I go to the supermarket, buy gas”. The journey of the missionary in Dubai is not lonely, she is in pairs with a South African she met, and they will be married very soon.

Culture, status and social reality

The missionary in Dubai has the clear numbers: “The market is saturated, but I have a good projection.” Indian immigrants are their main competitors, because their training in mathematics and accounting It’s excellent. His future is in the land of petrodollars: he will form his family and partner are also working there.

Being there allows him to see the desert in another way: “It is inexplicable, full of peace, eternal and wonderful.” The place has amazing things: the Dubai missionary had the best vision parachuting over the iconic “palm tree”.

Carla Gil recounts that there is a very large cultural conjunction, and each nationality has a status, where the English stand out. This does not guarantee that everything will be beautiful: Dubai has its dark side, but the young lady does not delve into it. The missionary in Dubai today is one more Argentinian woman who opens up a different cultural reality around the world.

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