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Learn the story of Jule, the Neuquino who never ceases to cross neuquins in Spain

From Spain, Jule tells us what it is like to start a trip in a pandemic and cross countrymen.

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God raises them and the wind piles them up. This typical phrase of the  Patagonian region refers to how people from there always end up coming together. In some way or another, even  in the most remote places in the world, a Patagonian always meets some countryman.  Crosses between strangers, relatives or lifelong friends are inevitable; Patagonians who live abroad or simply go to visit or try their luck there are something indescribable. This is the case of Jule, the Neuquino who  went to Europe in the middle of the pandemic and does not stop finding Patagonians on his way. 

As for everyone, Jule's year was, at least, a rough year. “I had the original plan to travel to Madrid on April 29, with tickets bought and everything.  The idea was to date a friend from  Neuquén  for Santiago de Chile.  My friend sold everything he had in his home in Buenos Aires, between the end of February and March. He went to wait for Neuquén, but he didn't start... and I did.”

Due to the  uncertainty about COVID-19 and the juggling airlines had to do to survive, Jule landed in Barcelona 5 months after schedule . When he arrived, he stayed in a hostel, but immediately went to the house of a well-known native of... Neuquén, of course.  His new home, located on the outskirts of Barcelona, served him to realize the first work experience in Europe. On the roof that shelved him, Jule did not put a weight (not a euro); instead, he devoted himself to making a clay furnace, something that could be considered a Neuquin specialty.

When choosing what he liked most about living in Catalonia, Jule does not doubt: “Here you go to a bar and know Czechs, Latinos, Ukrainians, Senegalese, it's beautiful. If you know English is key, because  you can exchange words, which leads you to exchange cultures and thoughts .  That's the main reason I came here: to know and live traveling .” He also warns that he could not yet socialize everything he would have liked because he lives on the outskirts of Barcelona and that confinement does not help.

With regard to the reason for his departure, he tells us that he is soon to move towards the south of  Spain, where he hopes that “the thing will be quieter to meet people”.  Andalusia, favorite destination for Latinos who visit Spain, lives one of Jule's best friends. Of course, she's neuquina too. 

His plans are to get a job there, although he counts that so bus, on the internet, is very little there. Jule's older brother has been touring Europe much longer.  The experience he gained traveling did everything as a volunteer : in exchange for work, roof and food. For now, that seems to be the only plan of the Neuquino. This is perfectly in line with your  overall goal of “living day by day”. 

Jule does not doubt when she has to answer what strange about our country, and that is that  Argentine warmth is not achieved anywhere. Both familiar and amicably, the juntada and “el ranch” are fundamental factors of our society.  On the contrary, the economic instability that is subject to in our country is, for Jule, a negative condition, although he clarifies: “I'm not here for money, but for meeting people and being able to travel.”

Publication Date: 10/12/2020

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