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“La Dolce Vita” by Luciana Marotta and Sofia Evangelista

Two Argentines living in Italy tell us about the pandemic and their fears and experiences. Far away from “La Dolce Vita”, but they look at the future with optimism.

Argentines around the world

  By Joanna Longawa  

  Sofia Evangelista, Umbria, Italy:”     I'm proud of the speed in which   Argentina   took reins in the matter, they're one step ahead and that, I'm sure, is going to make a difference.”   Luciana Marotta, Lamezia Terme, Italy:   “When I read the news that Argentina declared the   quarantine   , a few days after us, and with few cases still, the truth that I was happy and proud that the life of our people has been prioritized. Even with all the difficulties that our   economics   I was already suffering.”  

Another situation has Luciana Marotta and Sofia Evangelista,   Argentinian by birth, Italian by adoption, and by love.  

Luciana is originally from   Lomas de Zamora   (south of Bs As)

He currently lives in Lamezia Terme, Calabria. Your grandparents' land. With his Italian partner, with whom they lived together for two years, waiting now for a baby. His life, however, “is not entirely rosy.” When in Italy they declared   emergency   , Luciana, a graphic designer, was suspended from the employment contract. Not allowing him to work from home.

“I live this quarantine with high and low,   i'm like a roller coaster from   emotions     . There are days when I wake up with a lot of energy to do everything. And others where anguish takes hold of my feelings. Fears of what the future will be like increase. Concern about   economy of the world   , the country and my family.   I'm really worried about not knowing when I'll be able to see my parents   . They were planning to come to Italy for the birth of their first grandson, and yet everything was paralyzed.”

Sofia is also from the province of Bs As, in the city of   Blue  

And his life as “emigrant” is not easy either. In Italy she lives with her Venezuelan husband in Spoleto, Umbria region, since February this year. They came here so Sofia could get Italian citizenship, since she's a descendant. And today, they're both out of work. “With the quarantine, the only day allowed in the week is the departure to the supermarket and I try to enjoy it every minute. I read, watch series, play board games, exercise, and keep a routine.   I forbid myself to see things negatively and feel anxious   I don't see the point. On the contrary, I take quarantine as a time to lower the revolutions and enjoy the little things.”

The two women agree that Italy was neglected and, unfortunately, the measures were taken late. “We're on the right track, and that's the important thing. You just have to be patient,” says Sofia.   From Argentina both speak with   nostalgia     . Luciana would like to return to her homeland forever. Not Sofia. Being younger, she wants to travel and she is looking for somewhere where she and her husband feel at ease.

Publication Date: 23/06/2020

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