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In the hot zone of the pandemic

They speak Santafesinas from Spain. Two testimonials from one of the places most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. I knew their stories.

Argentines around the world
En la zona caliente

While we all know that the origin of the  coronavirus  was in  C   h  ina , Italy and  Spain are the strongest who are suffering this pandemic. The  current spread of the virus  to our country has a lot to do with those two countries, which are so expensive to our nation's gestation.

Stay optimistic

Maru is a Santafesina who  lives in Spain almost ten years ago . While she does not lose her roots and communicates with her family and friends on a daily basis, she is almost Spanish. What's more: it has European citizenship. His voice has almost no vestiges of argentinity anymore. Professor of Physical Education, it took several years of sacrifice to achieve a good life, today in  Barcelona . She  can tell firsthand  how the coronavirus situation is being experienced in the motherland.

The measures taken in the city of Gaudí are practically the same as those being implemented in Argentina. “  I'm worried about whether Argentina will be ready  to hold up as we are doing here. Impotence is that of not being able to do anything, so far from my family,” says Maru. He says that, according to health professional friends, the  spike of infection  where she lives  is still to come. 

“This feeling of not knowing what will happen to our jobs is ugly. There are people who are temporarily fired. The entire country's economy is destabilizing.” But his  motto is to stay optimistic  in the face of the pandemic: “We try to eat healthy, spend time exercising (offering their classes through networks) and  leveraging technology  to communicate with affections”

 Dreams You Should Expect 

Lucia is also from Santa Fe. Graduated from Economics, a few years ago she went to try her luck in Buenos Aires. There he met Nacho.  They both went to try their luck in Europe . They walked through Italy and France. Today in Spain, while looking for a job related to their studies,  they got an interesting chance  of having good income in the beach area. Everything was like to spend a summer full of possibilities to generate good savings...  and the pandemic came .

 Soller  is located in a World Heritage Site region in Majorca. It has beach, sea and mountain. But it also has a devastating limitation for these COVID-19 times: it depends absolutely on  tourism . “People work seven or eight months of the season, save and can live the rest of the year without work,” explains Lucia. “We had managed to work as waiters for both of us. We had a lot of expectation. With this  we didn't even get to start .”

Publication Date: 29/03/2020

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