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In search of the lost crocodile

A Santafesino is part of a team looking for a crocodile ancestor. The expedition will be in the middle of
Argentines around the world
Pablo Ariel Siroski
| 28 February, 2020 |

A researcher from Santa Fe, member of the Ministry of Environment and the CONICET, will be part of a special team that seeks to find a missing link: an ancestor of two types of crocodiles in the giant oft of the Orinoco.

In Venezuela, this team led by a Mexican specialist, will have the purpose of find the ancestor of the Orinoco alligator and the American crocodile. They received a scholarship from the National Geographic Society to comply with this task, which will require delicate fieldwork.

Pablo Ariel Siroski is a doctor of Veterinary Sciences and has been studying Yacarés for a long time. Having become a specialist, he managed to integrate this elite team, composed of researchers from Mexico, Spain, Panama and Argentina.

The Orinoco River Delta is known worldwide for its forty thousand square kilometers of surface area, in which its gigantic wide river forms, around, dense jungles and wooded streams. There still remains a tribe called the Waraos, with whom, for the members of the expedition, it will be very important to establish a fruitful relationship, because they will need guidance in order to work at night. Waraos sleep in the river, in palaphetic dwellings.

Not a minor fact: these ancestors of crocodiles, if they find them, can measure more than four meters. An adventure that lies ahead of these specialists.

Soon, Santa Fe will surely have a person who will arrive with unique anecdotes and stories, brought from the very heart of the Venezuelan jungle. In addition, of course, to have contributed to valuable international research.

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