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“In Argentina they have to quarantine”

It is the council of Geo Castelli, a Mendoza who lives in Spain, in quarantine. What is the situation there? What are your advice?

Argentines around the world

Georgina Castelli is  a young Mendoza who, with her boyfriend, lives a few years ago in   Almeria  , Spain.  Although there are not numerous in the city where cases are inhabited, they are part of one of the countries with the highest sustained circulation of  COVID-19 . In dialogue on Skype, he told us the details of his experience since the first cases were known.

“We, like everyone,  at first thought it was a strong flu. But when we started to see that the level of contagion was growing day by day, we really started to take it seriously .” Therefore, he does not hesitate to give us some advice to us, the stubborn Argentines: “ In Argentina really they have to quarantine. Stay at home.  The supermarkets are going to be open.  We can't go and buy everything. Behind us can come a person who needs it more than us .”

Georgina explains that the need to quarantine lies in the fact that if people at least risk get infected, they will go to hospitals, occupying the place that a high-risk person might need. “ Hospitals don't supply and that's why they ask us to stay at home .”

As for his responsibilities, Geo admits that “ Currently, both my boyfriend and I have been given the possibility of teleworking, that is, work from home, because our work does not imply essential physical presence. They asked us, those of us who were able to work remotely, to do it.”

The situation on the streets

While the situation on the streets, during the quarantine, is particular: “ You can go to the supermarket, but you have to go alone . In pharmacies, it's the same. There is no problem to purchase essential products. But  there are cops on the streets, they ask you where you're going and you have to justify it.  People have to have a certificate of movement where the same company authorizes them to go.” In the same vein, it is mandatory to walk along the public roads without company, with a few exceptions: “ You have to move alone, unless you have to help people who need it for disability and so on.”

Finally, asked about what things are done during the quarantine, beyond working at home, said that “everything is closed. Leisure activities such as a gym, for example, are not possible. We're exercising at home.  We live on a seventh floor and often particular situations occur from the balconies. About 20 o'clock we all went out and applauded the doctors and everyone who works very hard on these cases .”

Publication Date: 22/03/2020

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By: Aldo Delu 27 March, 2020

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