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I sell everything and make sabbatical life

We tell you the story of a couple of Cordoba who decided to sell everything and travel. His sabbatical life can be carried on in networks and it's a dream.

Argentines around the world
Vendo todo

Catherine and Augustine met traveling nine years ago. They began to build a stable relationship and project together. The big dream of both of us was to “sell everything and travel the world”.But between going and going, jobs and unemployment, they couldn't take the step that would lead them to travel the universe together.First it was the faculty, then the work and, little by little, they felt that their age was going to condition them more and more .

They were married in March 2019 and since then they did not take their backpacks off their backs. The first destination was Asia. It was the continent they wanted to know the most. Russia, Mongolia, Lithuania, Latvia, China and Malaysia are just some of the countries they have already met. The places they travel feed the heads and souls of these lovers. This sabbatical life, as they say, surprises you in every destination. For Catalina, until now, the place that captivated her most was China. For Augustine, on the other hand, Mongolia surprised him like none.

Their journey constitutes a lifestyle, as they are not holidays, but a decision taken to live the day to day within each culture . These travel companions decide to build their daily lives from country to country, which is why they call it “sabbatical life”. However, such a sabbatical is not, since the job of getting food and following the daily routine in countries with differentlanguages does not sound as relaxed as a Saturday at home or like a year of pure business . But what does count this couple is that they saved a lot to make the trip. Between the sale of all your things and the wedding gifts, you can solve this traveling life.

How to achieve a sabbatical life?

Caro and Agus always share tips for those who want to travel and are still not encouraged, as they are experts at constantly fetching it.Amazingly, Catalina claims that it doesn't take much money to travel, but good administration.The key is to save on items that are usually the most expensive: accommodation and tickets.The boys say that, in their sabbatical life, it is very useful to make finger travel, use applications to stay and meet contacts to help you . They also recommend being flexible when planning your trip. Since destinations can be modified by costs, and can not always go out as intended. This couple of travelers do not plan to return to Argentina (for now). While they say that there were difficult episodes along the journey, such as intoxications or misunderstandings, they still choose this way of life .

The initial decision to move away from loved ones and relatives was very difficult, however, it is not something they regret at all. @nuestravidasabatica 's guys are constantly getting queries from travelers. And they're happy to answer them. In their networks they upload photos and videos of their adventures around the world. They share their sabbatical life and together with them we can make virtual trips.

Publication Date: 02/08/2020

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