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“I miss taking mattes with my old lady”

Joaquín left his native Mendoza to settle in Barcelona, three years ago. They have a good job and he's happy, but affections throw away.

Argentines around the world
Joaquin Mdza-España

 Our Argentine around the world is called Joaquín. He was born in Mendoza and lived there until his 26 years. He left our country in May 2017 to settle in  multicultural  Barcelona . “One of the reasons I left was to look for new opportunities for my personal development. I wasn't happy with what Argentina had to offer me.  I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and prove myself .”

Another reason Joaquín felt was to escape a reality he was living. But, over time, he realized that physically moving elsewhere doesn't make you solve that problem or that reality you're escaping. “ After all, if you analyze, you realize that you have to solve it from the inside and changing places doesn't lead to anything .”

 Spain as a destination 

 He chose  Spain  for the language and Barcelona for the beach, since in his native Mendoza he did not have those characteristics.  Arriving in that city he quickly got a  job  : “I work in human resources. I started in customer service in Danone, but  now I'm in Nestlé HR . I got my job a month after being in Barcelona. At first, my idea was to look for a bartender job, something easy. But I realized that I had the skills to get another kind of job related to my career.  I was given the opportunity to enter Danone and while it was not directly related to what I had studied, which is accounting, I was going a little line of those who are business and business management.” 

With some years of experience, Joaquín is getting to know the internals of a country with such history: “You have to know how to distinguish between  Barcelona and  Madrid  , within what is Spain. Although it is the same country,  they are very different cultures.  In Madrid people are much more open, because it is still a big capital of a European country. But Barcelona still retains a point of view of being smaller. In itself, Catalan culture is more closed, more inward, even though it is a highly international city.  Catalans are more introspective. But once you become a friend, you have it for a lifetime.”  

 Spaniards about Argentina 

“Argentina  knows a lot about the political, economic and social situation . Here, when we talk about Argentinians,  everything is associated with the people of Buenos Aires . So, out there, many tell you 'ah, you're from Buenos Aires', and you have to make it clear that it's from the inside. But about Argentines they do not have a general formed opinion.”

 What are the Catalans like? 

“I was surprised by the history and tradition of every town and every neighborhood in Barcelona.  They're very conservative about it. For example, everyone has his day and celebrates his own holiday. They live it from the inside . The sense of belonging is manifested. All the inhabitants participate.” On the other hand, Joaquin tells us about a strange custom: “ I was very surprised that they celebrate the day of the saint . They celebrate it more than every Catalan's birthday.”

“The custom of work is also installed. To work and achieve results. Very large companies have come out of Barcelona. The inventor of yogurt came out of here. In addition, they are very looking, trying to generate economic income on any side. And in that sense,  they are very stingy and grabbed, they are thrown to the floor for a five-cent coin.” 

 What is missed 

As a good Argentinean, family affections are on the podium: “ What strange is the closeness with family and friends. Proximity and spontaneity. But I think it happens to me to live in a city, where distances get a little longer . I miss the thing about talking to a friend and getting together for a drink that same day. Everything is programmed here, days in advance.”

 “ I also miss Sundays of meals with the family . A daily hug from a family member, your old man or a loved one. Having that every day is strange. One with the distance realizes how important these moments are.  Take a few mattes with your old men, your sisters and brothers. Such simple acts are greatly missed and valued with distance .”

Publication Date: 10/04/2020

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