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House Sitting: travel without silver

A missionary who loves to travel discovered House Sitting and has been touring the world for 17 years. We tell you what a holiday is like that never ends.

Argentines around the world

For most people, there are not many ways to travel the  world . Basically there is only one: save a lot of money. Silver for passage, visa, food, accommodation and a long etcetera. Traveling isn't free, is it?

One good day,  missionary  Bella Fazio, surfing the web, discovered an interesting system for traveling without silver. Its name is House Sitting, a practice that is based on a simple principle across various digital platforms.  The idea is that one person offers his empty house, in exchange for another to stay in it to care for it . Stay by care, are you going?

House Sitting is an exchange that includes  pets , many homes and free travel around the world. “You have to register on a website, look for offers and apply. There are also responsibilities to fulfill depending on each owner. From watering plants to caring for your pets: from dogs to llamas,” explains Bella.

 The months became years 

It all came up casually. Bella set up a profile and started looking for offers for what she planned would be a six-month tour. Together with her boyfriend they embarked on a  journey  that turned into an adventure that lasted years. Both met Australia, Tasmania and the Pacific Islands.

“ It's like being temporary owners of super houses, usually it's big residences, with swimming pool, cars and amazing views . The quality of life in Australia is wonderful,” says Bella.“The owners of this type of housing travel a lot and do not want to leave their home alone or to their animals.”

“It's a unique, dreamed state,” says Bella. “We are on vacation for a long time, a holiday that never ends.” The  missionary  left Argentina as an 18-year-old girl, today she is 35 and never returned again. “We're always in  holiday mode .”

The missionary told how they never suffered any negative consequences of the experience. “We never had a problem: neither with the owners, nor in the homes we care for. We don't mind moving all the time either.  We are nomads.” 

Publication Date: 09/09/2020

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