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He lives on what he is passionate about: skiing

Privileged. Dare. Lucas Guiñazú lives on what he has enjoyed all his life: skiing. Alternating between the United States and Mendoza.

Argentines around the world

Perhaps, the images from the movie  Tonto y Retonto  are as close as many Argentines have ever come to the city of  Aspen . Its snowy mountains, hotels, shops and not much more. Just a memory of our visual memory. However, at the antipodes of that position, is   Lucas Guiñazú . A 28-year-old Mendoza who works as a ski instructor at that international center in Colorado. 

He is a native of the  City of Mendoza , where he shared childhood among family and friends, but he also had the time to travel,  from the age of 9, and have his first experiences in skiing.However, it became serious when he studied for   an instructor  at the ski resort of  Las Leñas in Malargüe. It's just that his father worked there and he went from a very young age until he made the decision.However, Lucas and the ski signed their brotherhood pact in a Work & Travel, a program for college students who, on summer holidays, travel to the United States to work . 

At first he served in a small ski center, in the United States, but after a few years  he tried his hand in Aspen . Visit that later became routine, as he now travels to the United States from December to April,  something he repeats 9 years ago. Although to this we have to add 4 more years that, previously, he developed in Las Leñas.And, after so long, training here and there, he managed to become a professional instructor . 

A unique experience

And, definitely, it's a unique experience.  Lucas assures that all this is possible thanks to the support of his girlfriend and his little son.But also because of the quality of the people, who attend the ski center to relax and have a good time on vacation .  Relaxed atmosphere. And, in this context, in a rapture of showbiz, he claims that it is common currency to see celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio or Antonio Banderas.

On the other hand,  Lucas Guiñazú was part of the Argentine ski team synchronized with which he made podium again at the South American Championship held in Chapelco, San Martín de Los Andes . Other competitions in which the Mendoza participated were SL or GS career and freeride, entering among the finalists also in the famous “Powder8” competition of international relevance.

Publication Date: 12/08/2020

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