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Grandmother’s recipes

Germán Lucarelli has two successful restaurants in Maine, USA, where he uses his grandmothers recipes to make the dishes.
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27 January, 2020

To get there to success, Germán Lucarelli started from the simple: the recipes of his grandmothers. This Argentine chef has today two restaurants in Maine, United States, and bill more than one million of dollars a year. The road there, however, was not easy.

Originally from Hurlingham, in the province in Buenos Aires, when he finished high school he followed the family mandate and started college. The chosen career: Architecture at the UBA. For this, He moved to Belgrano, in Capital, to his uncle’s house.

His true passion, however, had been sucking her since he was a kid, by the hand of his grandmothers. María Elena, her paternal grandmother, was Argentine, but of Italian descent. Elena, on the side of her mother, was a specialist in stews. At 16, Germán was already looking into the kitchens. That’s how later, while studying Architecture, he started working as a glass wash in a restaurant: he fell in love with that world . So much so that his vocation was reconsidered. He left everything to devote himself to his true passion: cooking.

Without the support of his family, he moved into a boarding house and started working whatever he was, as he kept getting into that world he loved so much. Until his first great opportunity came: a season in Las Leñas with a great hotel entrepreneur. Then there were other experiences around the world: Asunción, Istanbul, Marbella, Paris and London. Finally, their final destination: the United States. Along the way, he learned with the best: the Cat Dumas and Martín Berasategui , among others.

The own kitchen

After going through many kitchens, it’s time to have your own. Together with his partner, Sante Calandri, in 2015 he opened The Ports of Italy, in Kennebunk, Maine. With Italian food, inspired by the recipes of his grandmothers, the place was a success. Over time, he decided to bet even more on his roots: opened The Lost Fire BBQ, Patagonian Grill, specializing in Patagonian roast.

Both places are a resounding success and its history, evidence that we never regret to follow our dreams.

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