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From Rio Ceballos to Spain, without scale

Carina Gringoli is the star singer of the Valencian quarantine, cheers all the neighbors with her voice. From Rio Ceballos, triumphing in Europe.

Argentines around the world
Carina España

Carina Gringoli was born in Rio Ceballos (Córdoba) and   lives in Spain since 2000   . With almost 20 years of coexistence   on the other side of the puddle,   still retains its tonade. And he still has Cordoba in his heart. He moved to the Old Continent in search of   new horizons.   Argentina at that time did not promise anything, our country was in a very strong crisis and   many made that decision   . The dreams of all those who emigrated were to settle in one place and get a job. For Carina, too. Above all, he left with the expectation of power   living from what he loves: music.   In his adventure he aimed to find a place to take root. He passed through Galicia and the Canary Islands. Until, finally, he settled in Valencia, from where   share your voice to the world   . And where is it going through   this quarantine.  

This one   Cordobesa of heart and spanish residence   is a singer. He loves folklore and fights for what he wants. With his talent and knowledge, he makes his artistic projects come true. Peripecities of life made Carina have a little   hearing loss.   This generated great disappointment for the artist, who had to pause her musical projects. Her condition forced her to stop doing live performances, but it didn't stop her from continuing   composing their themes.   Today, the pandemic gives a new face to what would be their second album.

Carina Gringoli

  All voices, all  

With   the Italian proposal of artists   who share their music, dances, and activities from their balconies during the quarantine,   Carina was driven   . With a little fear and shame at first, he decided to share his voice. He carefully chose songs that give hope at this time   confinement and vulnerability.   He went out to his balcony to sing with speakers and lights, and even spread the event through social media. He also makes sure not to do the show in very cold days, to   take care of herself and take care of her viewers.  

Valencian neighbors are on this   Cordovan talent   which is encouraged and donated a little hope through his music, in full social isolation. In the   district Campanar   And during the quarantine, Carina's voice is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your neighbors thank you in multiple ways.   Voice, music and art   are a gift between so much misery.


Image - Instagram Carina Gringoli

Publication Date: 02/05/2020

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