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From Alto Verde to the Universe

From Alto Verde, a neighbourhood emblem of working poverty, a Santafesina reached the dream of being an international model.

Argentines around the world
Marcia Blanco

You turn on TV and, zapping, you'll stay a few seconds watching the catwalk of some fashion show in Europe.  An elegant, tall , exotic beauty is approaching the camera. Did you ever start thinking about how a girl becomes an elite model? You can hardly imagine a story like that of  Marcia Blanco , one of Santa Fe's most important models.

Since the age of eight, Marcia lives with her mother and aunt in Alto Verde,  a beautiful coastal neighborhood  in the provincial capital, which, unfortunately, is also  known for its marginality  . “Since I was very young, I started as a graphic model, always accompanied by my mom. That encouraged me to go for my dream of modeling and accompany me on every course I took. I was always clear that modeling was going to be, in addition to my passion, my source of work,” he tells us.

 Pride of the home 

The 28-year-old, who has been in this world for two decades (yes, she started super small), has a contract with an international agency through which she can travel when necessary, but, for now, without having to leave her beloved home in Alto Verde.

“When I was a teenager, it was hard to think about  my dream because my mom had run out of work  and we had to move to my aunt's. Unfortunately, many people mocked and discriminated against me because of my place of residence. But over the years, I understood that it  does not matter where you come from, but where you are going , preserving each other's essence and way of being. Today, as a woman, I am planted differently and I can defend my place of origin, not only in my country, but in the world.”

 Marcia loves her humble neighborhood , whenever she can, she joins social projects to try to get it forward. “It's always good to go back to the roots and connect again with your essence. Being close to loved ones and regain the necessary energies to continue traveling and working with what one is most passionate about. Alto Verde continues to move forward, there is a lot to do and hopefully, time will give me the opportunity to return  everything he has taught me .”

 A promising career 

In 2017, Marcia won a beauty contest that opened her other doors in the world. The first trip abroad came representing the country, it was at the age of 24. After an intense year in Spain, the opportunity came  to live for a while in India, an unthinkable destination where he carried out numerous international campaigns.

Last year I had the great opportunity to work with Osmel Sousa, a master of beauty pageants, known as one of the great “creators of Misses” for the Miss Universe. “He prepared the Venezuelan Misses, the historic winners of these competitions and, in 2019, was the first time to elect Miss Universe Argentina . It was an honor to have been among the 14 best women in the country.”  The experience consisted of a complete training, not only in catwalk “but in manners, physical and psychological preparation”.

Marcia's story in modeling has many chapters to be written. His commitment to his people and Alto Verde, too.


Publication Date: 07/05/2021

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