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From Cordoba's fernet to Arabic coffee

We tell you the story of a Cordoban who is triumphant on the other side of the pond. He works in the world of Arab coffee and he won't stop succeeding.


Yazmin Yaryura cheered up. At the age of 25, he left his native province and headed for the Arab Emirates. From Cordoba to the world, this young woman won't stop succeeding. He poked his nose in the world of Arab coffee and couldn't stop. That's how he started his barista career. His training was always oriented to travel and international relations. Today he fulfills his dreams and, despite all the obstacles, he succeeded. Yazmín was trained in different positions in many companies, until he reached where he is today: working at Drop Coffee.

With his company participates in events together with the government of Dubai. He exercises his knowledge in international relations and opens franchises all over the world. From Cordoba to Dubai. And from Dubai, growing up with his company, to travel the world. The young woman specializing in coffee has already opened branches in London and more. In addition, he participated in international barista meetings, one of them in Korea. Yazmin is not conformed and continues to form in your area. Its next stopover is Abu Dhabi, which is the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.

Yazmín Yaryura
Yazmín Yaryura

Girl Power, Coffee Power

He doesn't stop moving up in his job. Being a woman and a foreigner, with all that that entails, managed to overcome all the barriers. Their power and strength are admirable. As well as his patience and perseverance. These qualities led her to progress in a society in where women rarely have opportunities. And where, in all areas, man has a leading role. That's why Yazmin is an example of woman and life. Without wanting to, it proves that the equal rights is possible and must be a reality.

Enriching his life and that of all his acquaintances with this new culture that stole his heart, Yazmín continues to work. In his networks, he tells us a little about his daily life and his work. From Córdoba we see her triumph and wish her many more trips. Yazmín went from being a Cordovan fernetera to an international barista.

Applause for her!

Yazmín Yaryura

Publication Date: 29/01/2020

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By: Malena Pons 29 January, 2020

Muy linda nota, es un placer y muy inspirador ver emprendedoras como Yazmín, gracias de verdad, me gusta mucho el diario, es distinto a todo.

Por: Redacción 30 January, 2020

En respuesta a Malena Pons

Gracias Malena por tus palabras y por seguirnos. Saludos ! 🇦🇷😉

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