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From Cordoba to Japan

The story of Matías, a scientist who traveled from Cordoba to Japan, researching. Today he is doing research around COVID-19.

Argentines around the world
de córdoba a Japón

It's about   Matias Jose Caldez   , a young man who is dedicated to research in the   health field   and today it is internationally recognized.   Born in Marcos Juárez   and was recognized as an illustrious citizen of the locality for his performance in   world of science.   This Argentine scientist was hired several years ago as   Special Investigator   in the center of   Research World Premier International Immunology Frontier Research Center   . This renowned center belongs to Osaka University, Japan.

This Cordovan chose the Faculty of Exact, Chemical and Natural Sciences (FCEQyn) of Missions to study the   Bachelor of Genetics.   He graduated in 2012 and thereafter his thirst for knowledge continued to grow. He was engaged in research and went far, very far. He started his   international race   in Singapore, carrying out his doctoral thesis. Now, it is located in Japan, home of its   postdoctoral studies   . Matías was recognized and awarded   multiple international awards   throughout its trajectory.

Received   numerous awards in Asia and Europe   , such as the “Young Researchers” award for the   European Association for Studies of the Liver   (EASL). Also the prize for the “Young Researcher of the year"in   New Delhi   , India. His studies are aimed at   immunotherapies   for the cure of diseases of various types. His work is mainly around liver deficiencies and metabolic diseases.   His area of interest is immunology.  

  Equity and topicality  

In addition, he is a researcher aware of   the importance of public education.   Today, she is grateful every time you have the opportunity for having studied in your country for free. Also participates in a   network of science promoters   , which works for   promote equality and equity   between men and women in the field of science. On his social networks, he shares different programmes of action on this subject.

Matías Caldez, at the service of science, works according to what society needs. Currently, from Japan, he is developing studies to obtain the coronavirus vaccine.

Publication Date: 30/05/2020

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