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From Chubut to Valencia in full pandemic

Pablo and Carolina sold everything, left Comodoro Rivadavia and arrived in March in Valencia.

 Pablo and Carolina are from  Comodoro Rivadavia ,  Chubut  , but this year they made the project that many dream and few execute:  sell everything and go to... 

The destination was Spain. There they were located in Puerto Sagunto, a town located 30 kilometers from Valencia, the capital of the homonymous province. However, the time they arrived was not the best.

Having taken out the tickets well in advance, they arrived on the other side of the Atlantic in March. Shortly before borders begin to close in the face of the   coronavirus   advance around the world. In Argentina, the issue was beginning to be concerned, but drastic decisions to reduce circulation had not yet arrived. Big was the surprise of our two adventurers when they arrived in Valencia and there were strict sanitary checks.

They had finally arrived at the dream place, but the situation was not ideal: they remained confined for a few days and then lived four months of strict quarantine. “It's as if we have been living only for two months in Spain,” they say.

 Pablo in  Comodoro  worked in the communication and marketing area of a pharmacy chain.  He has Italian citizenship, which favored him to get a job not well began the openings after the quarantine. For two months he has been working in a company dedicated to metal carpentry, where he has a contract until January next year.

 Carolina, meanwhile, was an initial teacher,  but still awaits the completion of the documentation in order to get a job, as the requirements to be hired are strict.

Both agree that they did not arrive in Valencia with the aim of getting a job linked to what they were doing in the oil city since, for various reasons, it is difficult to access. They consider it more visible in the case of Carolina, given that training is very different in Argentina and Spain.

 Three years projecting the trip 

It wasn't an impulsive act. Pablo and Carolina planned their trip for three years. Before they met they always had dreams of traveling, more to know other places and other cultures, but together they made their life project and start from scratch at another point on the planet.

First things first: they bought the ticket, and then began to plan in time what they were going to do.

Little by little they were selling everything to save silver, material things but also many objects with affective value, gifts from friends or relatives, who did not resist their desires and supported them at all times. Everyone threw good vibes and even helped them to gather weight to weight what they needed to travel to the old continent.

They sold everything from sheets or tableware to the car; they went to fairs every Sunday, and they tell among laughs that this activity became a second job for each one.

 Another way to see the world 

Walking quietly down the street is one of the things that caught the most attention to Pablo and Carolina: not to be chased or looking everywhere in fear of something happening; also talking to children as if nothing.

Another thing they noticed comes on the gastronomic side: lunch is lunch around eleven in the morning and after noon is the time of the “sandwich”, usually a sandwich. On the favorite dish since they arrived in Valencia, they gave a unanimous verdict: baked rice.It is a preparation that, far from being just rice, carries bacon, sausage, black pudding, pork ribs and potato that are first fried, then add rice and broth and that goes straight to the oven.

There are also things that miss, such as visits to friends houses. It's just that there you don't get used to — or it's very difficult to walk around — to invite others to go to the house for coffee or to eat, but social life takes more into public spaces, bars. Even birthday celebrations, which we have very incorporated fall en masse into a house, take place in the premises.

Not to mention falling out of surprise because “I was walking around the neighborhood.” Those things, for them who are very close and familiar, are the ones that miss the most, although it does not mean that people in their new destiny are not friendly. On the contrary, they help them a lot, but usually, away from home.

 Life Project 

Pablo and Carolina's project, according to their own wishes, will continue to expand his family. They don't even know if it will be in Valencia or elsewhere, but the sure thing is that they will continue to build their dream.

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