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The Rodriguez are an unconventional family: one day they decided to leave everything to go around the world in a year. We tell you his story.

Argentines around the world

“ I want to go around the world”: put it like that, it sounds pretentious. But, if the father of a family with two teenage children says, it sounds like delirium. However, the Rodríguez are doing it. With the aim of going around the world in one year, Sergio (47), Silvina (45), Matías (14) and Micaela (13) left on 29 December 2018 for Auckland, New Zealand. From there, they traveled the five continents with only a backpack of fifteen kilos each. The trip can be followed on your Instagram account:@LosRodriguez360.

The family is native to Francisco Alvarez (Province of Buenos Aires). Sergio — graduate in Finance and Marketing Manager freelance— dreamed of what many: give the around the world. He made this wish to his wife, but he saw the school of children as an impediment. Silvina — a public translator of Portuguese— is fully added to the proposal and, in just over a year, gave shape to this adventure, which seemed crazy.

To achieve this, they parted with Everything. They left the house they rented, sold the van, the furniture, appliances. They also used family savings: felt it was the best way to invest them. So, without having services that pay, there was an amount of money they could use during that sabbatical year. Also work remotely to generate some income while traveling.

The most complicated thing, however, was the school of the boys: Matías and Micaela would lose a year of classes. Surprise. in school supported the experience the family was about to face: said exposing kids to different cultures was the best investment that could do. They will then resume their studies in 2020.

Around the World

From New Zealand they traveled to Tanzania, Morocco, Egypt, Croatia, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, passed through Asia, through Africa, then crossed to America. They arrive to each place without knowing too much and let themselves be surprised. They travel light and behind heat, because they have no room to carry warm clothes. Luckily, life changing experiences are not carried in your backpack.

Publication Date: 12/12/2019

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