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Do you know Tomás Saraceno?

A Tucuman artist who triumphs all over the world.

Argentines around the world
There are many Argentines who triumph in the world. And when they succeed, they do it big. Tomás Saraceno is an artist from Tucumán who, in turn, is an architect. Today he is settled in the city of Berlin (Germany), and from there he fascinates the world with his ability to look a little further with his art. From October to January 6 of next year, Saraceno has carte blanche in the Palais de Tokyo, a reference site for contemporary art in Paris. In other words, he has a blank cheque to fill the 13,000 square metres of the place with his works in complete freedom. "On air", his exhibition, presents a selection of his most outstanding works, as well as new ones. Saraceno recovers, for this occasion, his emblematic three-dimensional web, which the spiders of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires woven during six months, and combines it with his other great passion: music. The central question of the project is "What sound has the cosmos? Together with a team of astrophysicists, musicians and researchers, the artist created an algorithm that translates vibrations into sounds. In this way, those attending the show will be able to perceive from the sound of a spider to that of the dust particles floating around it. This is how a "moving ecosystem" is formed, which gives voice to the non-human presences that populate the universe. Those who walk around Paris will be lucky to be able to visit this exhibition. For those of us who are not so lucky, we are proud to know that we are very well represented in the French capital. Photo: Studio Tomás Saraceno.

Publication Date: 04/12/2018

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