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Coisa mais linda: a Cordovan on Netflix

We tell you the story of a cordo-brazilian who came to Netflix with the series that is furor in Latin America and who calls lovers of Bossa Nova.

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 A story about feminism, music, art and culture  that sweeps the billboard of the international platform. This is  Coisa mais linda,  the story of four women  who, despite various obstacles, manage to develop a professional life. In addition to taking forward the genre that today makes us vibrate not only globally, but above all at  Latin American and Brazilian level: bossa nova. This story shows us in a very entertaining way the reality of women in a   patriarchal , macho and racist society between the end of the 1950s and early 1960s. Revolutionary years in every way. That they would be followed by a  horrific dictatorship that would last 20 years.  The series shows a conservative and ecclesiastical panorama, governed by men, where a group of women burst to rebel against the established and triumph in the world of bossa nova.  In the middle of this Brazilian production that generates a global boom,  is the presence  of  a Cordovan filmmaker who gives it the special touch. 

We are talking about  Federico Brioni, a producer  graduated from the film career at the National University of Córdoba. He was born in the neighborhood Residencial Vélez Sársfield and reached the  big bets of Netflix.  From the city of the quartet it passed to the country of samba and bossa nova. So  20 years ago he settled in Brazil  and practiced his profession in the world of Brazilian cinema.  The neighbouring country  is one of the most advanced in Latin America in the field of series, cinema and TV, leading Federico  to surf the wave of triumph .

 Not just a series... 

 Federico chose Porto Alegre  to begin his  wanderings as a filmmaker  in Brazilian lands. There he worked for 8 years for a  famous advertising producer , Zeppelin Filmes. Since that moment he opened new doors in the  world of audiovisual publishing and production,  as his talent was undeniable. After his gaúcha stop, he left for São Paulo lands. There, he edited his first film:  Ponto zero (2016) , directed by José Pedro Goulart. That's how it made its way and continued to grow. There are already seven films with the brand Brioni cordo-brazilian  as editor.  O roubo da taça (Jules and Dolores),  directed by Caíto Ortiz, and All the reasons to forget  are two of the titles you can watch on the  Netflix platform. 

 Bossa nova and other things... 

Initially,  the production of telenovelas , such as  Lazos de familia and Avenida Brasil,  was the main food of     audiovisual industry.   However, with the passage of time and the growth of the environment, Brazil also became present in  the world of cinema.   City of God,  for example, was one of the films that impacted the world. Not only for its history, but also for its strength at the film level. In addition,  different Latin American circles  are driven to produce thanks to the presence of the international platform Netflix, whose products are  multi-million dollar bets  and have a massive impact. In the case of  Coisa Mais Linda,  Brioni tells the media: “The production of series in Brazil is growing a lot in recent years, as well as the specialization in how they are done. But many of us come from the  cinema , where the work is much more artisanal and you have a very close relationship with the director. That's why for the second season I proposed to Caíto that a single person should take up the editing work despite having different directors in each episode. It was the first time I did it and it was quite a success.”Brioni serves as the  coordinator of the second season.  A position of high responsibility, as  Coisa Mais Linda  had her audience looking forward to the launch of this second round. Are we going to see her?

Publication Date: 18/07/2020

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