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Cordovan Globetrotters

We tell you the story of Pablo Sigismondi, the most adventurous Cordovan in history. With 163 countries traveled, we narrate some of their stories.

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 Pablo Sigismondi and his backpack  are the protagonists of this story, which begins 30 years ago. When this Cordovan, following the   adventurous spirit   and hunch that traveling could grow much more, he set himself on  an endless journey.  He's a geographer and photographer. But above all things he is  an adventurous traveler  . That he undertakes each tour with a particular purpose: to know.

Your trips have a much more intense and interesting connotation than a simple sightseeing tour. What Paul does is  inhabit each space as his own . Intruding into  communities  as a sort of ethnographer who records, in their skin and memory, every custom. This adventurer takes the others and appropriates it to give him  new senses . Paul Sigismondi consolidates himself as a   globetrotter  without remedies.  His adventure is not only external, it does not look for postcards, no luxuries, or accumulation of countries visited. His adventure is, above all things,  an inner journey.  Each  destination  is an open window to new worlds, from which this passenger knows himself. And from which he can fight for  a better world .

163 in the backpack

 Pablo Sigismondi  already toured  163 countries with his  backpack  .  In almost every destination he had the opportunity to share with  native peoples, with tribes and communities  who revealed their secrets to him. Thus, this adventurer becomes thousands of people, into one. Because his heart treasures the  world views of  many cultures  . Between rites and rituals, Pablo shares from the most intimate with the communities that host him. He is eternally grateful for the sense of the collective, learned with them. Your journey is  constant learning . Religion, food, customs, languages and more. It is a teaching that  never ends. 

His adventure is economically supported by different jobs he is doing, while walking different routes. For example, the publication of f autographies and travel chronicles . This is the case of the book  Women  by   Maria Teresa Andruetto ,  which was written from stories, dialogues and interviews provided by the  traveler tireless.  This work was edited in 2015, with photos taken by himself. In addition, his spirit does not allow him to say no to any new experience. So, many times, it was supported by works such as harvesting apples or plasticizing floors. Everything that involves  learning, surviving and sharing,  is welcome on your journey.

Cordovan, among so much adventure, likes to take a few  breaks in his homeland.  To  “download the backpack of anecdotes, photos and experiences,” he says. His longest journey lasted a year and a half. But  always return  to Córdoba to visit and   renew energies   to undertake towards a new destination.

His  philosophy of life  is the  state of travel.  On this, Paul believes that  “traveling helps to remove those inner veils that out of fear, education or comfort have shaped our gaze on the world. Traveling is much more than moving or sightseeing because it is a  spiritual  state that begins inside. As one more travels, the more prejudices and previous fears are taken away.”  We read it through his photographs. And we live, next to him,  every destiny. 

Publication Date: 21/08/2020

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