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Cordobesa globetrotters

We tell you the story of a Cordovan who, without stopping, rides the world looking for new horizons.

Argentines around the world

 The horse riding tradition of Cordoba is indisputable and the San Jerónimo Classic proves it to us.  Our horse riding at the Jockey Club is filling with senses and stories all  the south of Córdoba, and even from the Sierras there are  fans of horse riding and equines constantly. Whether it's because of the passion for racing, jumping or  just for the admiration  that equines wake us up. This brand that  constitutes our identity  and which, above all, corresponds to the highest social strata, makes us  internationally recognized.  In this note we tell you the story of a young woman, who  is driven by the love of horses, travels the world. 

History of a globetrotter

 Manuela Vera is 22 years old, travels the world and already manages an important customer base.  A little by little was visualizing a panorama that only a person close to the field of this sport could sense.What is he doing? She is an expert rider who  trains horses for jumping and competition.  With his knowledge, which he was acquiring since childhood by his family's long equine tradition, he  provides advice to competitors.  His future goal is to create a company, but little by little,  he knows that he is still very young  and he has a lot to learn. That is why he is  currently studying a distance from Blas Pascal University's Bachelor of Administration  .

International Contracts

Vera gave free last year of high school to move to Buenos Aires and train professionally. While in the province of Córdoba the presence of the Jockey Club  facilitates all the opportunities , somehow centralizes them, and  this little globetrotter does not want to do it.iacute; to settle for little.  Six months after his visit to the Big City, he returned to Córdoba to begin a university career. However, the plans don't always go as we want, sometimes they turn out better: a job proposal in Europe  made him pause his studies.

In 2012 he traveled to Mühlen, a village near Hamburg, in northern Germany. There he worked with  Paul Schockemöhle, a world-renowned entrepreneur in the world of horses .  “ I learned a lot, because I was training with very skilled people.”   This experience  helped her relate to riders  from different parts of the world.  The language did not represent greater difficulties for her, because despite not knowing German, she was able to communicate a little with French and well with English, a common language internationally.  “ I tried to learn German, but it's very difficult.” 

On the day with the race

In 2013 he returned to Argentina and began the Lic in Administration. The distance mode allowed him to study and  plan his future abroad.  That is why he was soon able to accept  proposals for work in Canada and the United States . Vera didn't let go of her studies at any time. In fact, he is driven by his hunger for knowledge and his stubbornness  to get the longed for title.  For example, before embarking on a new trip to Germany, he returned to Cordoba to perform their finals.

A potential entrepreneur

 Without a doubt, the fate of Manuela Vera will always be linked to horses.  His passion and the daily sacrifice he makes are a sign of this. He wants to create his own company. “ My idea is to buy horses: train them, make them more competitive every day and sell them to participate in tournaments.” Apparently Vera would find a niche market, since in Argentina this business is not very developed. This globetrotter is always  going forward  and we admire her. Applause!

Publication Date: 19/12/2020

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