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Cordobese and heroine of the world

A doctor trained in Cordoba, saves lives in Spain. We tell you the story of this heroine of the world.

Argentines around the world
Mara Coria

 Mara Coria  is a woman, she's a doctor and she's Cordoba. Today she becomes a heroine of the world. He was born in a small town south of Cordoba called Achiras. Today, he lives in Spain and is 33 years old. He received as  a health professional  in 2014. He did his residency at San Roque Hospital.

During the residence, Mara had the opportunity to move to another hospital. In this case, his situation allowed him to go to do his  residence in Spain , on the other side of the pond. The Cordovan, with an  adventurous spirit and soul hungry  for knowledge,  commanded herself.  Obviously, he didn't imagine the picture he's in today.  A pandemic  is not the best scenario to be able to perform this forming instance.

Mara Coria  becomes a heroine in the world , like all health professionals. This doctor with  Cordovan tonada  and Spanish residence, works at Sant Pau Hospital, in the area of intensive care. His work changed sharply at the time when the coronavirus began to advance and as victims grew exponentially.

 Mara gets the ten 

Mara started doing  12-hour guards.  A lot! But he decided to work side by side with his colleagues to save as many victims as possible. The hospital where you are today  quadrupled the number of beds available  for intensive care. Since circumstances merit it.

 This doctor  chooses to be the heroin of the world. The Cordovan is in  constant training  with colleagues and health workers. In the hospital they give informative talks constantly. In addition, the institution provides  all the inputs  to achieve the highest degree of prevention. Mara Coria says that, in this context, she is learning a lot. In addition, seeing the health situation and measures taken in Spain, he believes that the measures taken in Argentina  are very correct .

Publication Date: 11/04/2020

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