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“Boundaries and borders are creations of humans”

Manuel Bustelo is Argentine, but he prefers to feel one more of the humans that inhabit Earth. Know the history of this Mendoza.

Argentines around the world

Manuel Bustelo  is 44 years old and has lived in Europe for 20 years.   He left with a title under his arm, with the aim of exploring the world. Today, along with the love of his life, he is very satisfied with his decision. “ I was born in the beautiful province of Mendoza, between the City and   Chacras de Coria . But every time I could, I ran off to the mountain with my parents and sisters. I left Argentina when I finished my faculty, received from a Bachelor of International Relations, with the intention of being able to develop my career outside.  I left alone, when I was 24 years old. I had no family back then, but I currently live with the woman of my life. Who will I be with all my life.”  

Manu is a real globetrotter: “ Fortunately I've been to over 50 countries. I can tell you about the countries where I lived. I was in Scotland, England, improving my English, and then spent many years in Belgium, Andorra and Italy.   What I've been doing is change my residence in different European countries. I have  Italian descent. That, like many Argentines, has helped me move freely.”

Manuel Bustelo

 A nature lover 

“I am currently very happy. All the years of experience I have been able to put together, developing an outdoor life, have served me a lot.  I started in the mountains of Mendoza, I continued in volcanoes and other mountains of the Andes Mountains. I was able to go through many woods by bike.   And besides, I have developed another life under the sea, as a diver or diver.” And so many adventures, which could well be taken as simple hours of leisure, Bustelo capitalized them: “ I have managed to unite all these passions of nature with business development. I currently work assisting companies to develop a more   sustainable area , or add value to the economic section in which they are working  , how to solve social problems and, in turn, maintain their income while helping society.”

And among so many trips, what is left most Manu is the cultural diversity that abounds on Earth: “The societies of the countries in which I have lived are very diverse.  The world is full of different cultures, beliefs and ways of seeing life. There are different ways of living in society, or helping each other. There are certain countries that have this very developed, such as Norway and other Scandinavian countries.   But the cultures of Asia are the ones that have surprised me the most, because they are very different from ours. They are not better or worse, they are different evolutions.”

 More than Argentine, terrestrial 

“Argentina is the country in which I was born.  One will always have a tendency to love the land in which one nation, regardless of what that country is called, but most importantly, when you can share with other cultures, you begin to see that there is no such important relevance to calling a nationality or a country with a name.   We're all part of the same planet, which is the only house we all belong to.  It's probably also the only house we all need to take care of. It is not worth nothing to destroy one country and take care of many others, because it is an ecosystem and we are all related. In reality, borders and boundaries are creations of human beings and not of earth or nature. For me, the vision of nationality happened to have a more planetary relevance,  of being able to see the planet as the home of Argentines and the rest of the citizens.”

However, the return to Argentina is always on his agenda: “It is very nice to meet again with someone who belongs to the land where one nation and share experiences and adventures. I return to Argentina very often. I have friends and  family . It is one's land and it is necessary to be able to return and soak up the affections that are distanced by the decisions we make.”


Publication Date: 11/03/2021

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