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Blue: tango in New York

Azul is a professional dancer and tango teacher. The work took her to New York, where she lives with her
Argentines around the world
Azul: tango en Nueva York
| 11 December, 2019 |

The ways in which a person leaves his country are varied. Sometimes it is a conscious choice; sometimes it is a succession of facts that result in that outcome. Azul Ibáñez Fernández, for example,arrived in New York dancing.

Azul is a professional dancer and tangoteacher. Originally from Luján (Buenos Aires), the most Buenos Aires dance took her to travel the world. Throughout his career, he excelled in different shows in Buenos Aires, first, and in several cities around the world, later.

We contacted her to tell us a bit about her experience as an Argentine abroad.

Azul: tango en Nueva York

With you, Blue.

When was the first time Did you think about leaving the country?

When I turned 18 I started my professional dancer career and the work I did led me to travel on tours around the country as part of magazine shows and internationally as a tango dancer for different companies, mainly in Europe. I never thought about leaving the country: opportunities are gone happening and now I’m in New York working very happy.

How was the process?

On one of my trips to New York, 7 years ago, the opportunity to work there arose. I have completed the appropriate procedures and applied for my O1 Visa (known as “Extraordinary Skills Visa”). Everything went as planned and I found myself dancing for the Argentine Embassy in Washington, at the UN, in the company of Héctor Zaraspe and for companies such as Google, American Express, United Airlines, Hyatt Hotel, Metropolitan Club, between others.

What was it like to make that decision? What was the hardest part?

I’m not sorry I had to take a decision, because I always accepted jobs without knowing if the next one returned to take me to Argentina. Adapting to the language was one of my concerns initial, but it did not become an impediment. I was learning while I was facing to new situations.

Do you have a family in Argentina?

Yes, my whole family lives in Lujan, Buenos Aires. My mother, my sister, my brother-in-law and my three nephews, to who I miss a lot, but I see quite often luckily. However, no I’m sorry he left you. The distance is circumstantial and the channels communication systems are very varied and accessible these days.

How was your first night at the outside?

I always remember the first night in a new country. It is unique, it is fraught with expectations and responsibilities. But also of joy, it is the moment when I feel grateful for all the places, cultures and people that tango has allowed me to know. Keepsake to have surprised me a lot culturally in Qatar, to have felt lost in China, happy in Japan, hurt by history in Poland, fascinated in Czech Republic and Austria, at home in Spain and Italy and in love with France and the Portuguese fados!

What was your first job?

My first job in the United States went to the Argentine Embassy in Washington, representing the country dancing at multiple events. It was very exciting, I was feeling a little nervous. but happy.

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