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Babysitter of the year! With tonada and for the world

We all think the only and best nanny in the world is the Nana Fine. But guess what? : the real nanny of the year is a Cordovan...

Argentines around the world

  We tell you the story  of this Cordovan who is competing today to be a “nanny of the year” in the United States.   This is Karen Sateriano, who lived in this American country for some time with a family who hired her through the  Au Pair program  . The parents of the children applied her to the surprise contest, recognizing the young woman's work and carrying out an act of affection. They leave  her in charge of the care of her three children  and, in the form of thanks, decided to  apply for her to the contest with a moving letter.   The emotional statement was chosen among thousands of other applications, and made it possible for her to enter the competition, in which  the Cordovan is leading the preferences in head to head votes  with a Brazilian colleague.

History of a professional nana

 Karen is 25 years old  and is native to the Cordovan town of Unquillo.  One day he signed up for a  cultural and labor exchange program to leave for the United States, looking to live new experiences.   In full search , she found a family that adopted her from the beginning. Not only as an employee, but as  one more member of the family,  as time passed they were including it in more plans and taking into account for  more activities .

karen 2

The turns that life gives

Karen came to the North American country to become a pilot, but in one of those laps she decided to apply  for the cultural exchange program to afford her studies.   Today, this Cordovan is a candidate (nothing more and nothing less) for  the “Nanny of the Year”  (Au Pair of the Year) as a result of being selected by the organization that led her together with girls from different parts of the world. Karen not only has a job, but she was also able  to learn what she needed to fulfill her dream : to be an airplane pilot,  a profession that in Argentina  has  few women in its ranks.  

And he achieved all his purposes by accompanying the little Van Wieren . Since with the beginning of classes, the Cordovan  took her education on her shoulder.   He accepted the challenge of  helping children  in their tasks  without fully mastering English  , however finally  they were able to pass year  and grade thanks to their collaboration.

karen 3

Family word

 “ She brought her culture to our home, especially to our kitchen. Karen has taught us her favorite recipes and now  we all look forward to having a night of empanadas,”  the family wrote in the application note. Completing the experience, the young woman told the media that she also  made them try  the fernet with coca , alfajores, chocotorta, dulce de leche  and also cooked  roast and chori.     

 “ Karen was  the front-line superhero   our family needed.   Its ability to adapt during a pandemic that completely changed its role is incomparable. She did it with joy, innovation and exceptional communication,”  says the Van Wieren family in their letter to Cultural Care to justify why they nominated her  to be the “Nanny of the Year.”  

Surprises give you life

  “ It was a very big surprise for me,  I didn't know that the family had proposed me, I found out when the first communication came to me in November last year,” says Karen,  moved about the selection.  

 “ They told me they're supergrateful. When they imagined having a nanny they didn't imagine it was going to be this way,”   and  Karen said from Chicago, where she resides and works.      I feel like they are my family and they feel that I'm part of yours,”  he said.

Congrats, Nana Karen!

Publication Date: 02/02/2021

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