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Axel, the young man who lives in Germany and dreams of becoming president

He's been studying in Europe for a while. Axel participated in forums organized by the UN. He wants to go
Argentines around the world
| 27 January, 2020 |

Axel Kurt Ottosen is 18 years old. He was born in San Rafael, but has been living in Olm, Germanyfor over a year, thanks to a Rotary exchange. However, some time ago he arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, to participate in an important international event. Study the language and learn new cultures. He prepares to fulfill his dream: to be president. However, he does not forget his roots and intends to return to his hometown to begin to change the bad things of our country.

He recently had a great responsibility to open the Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which he also participated asAmerican Ambassador and Child Adviser to the Committee on the Rights of the Child of the United Nations United Nations, in the Swiss city. There, Axel had to offer his words in Spanish and English. But that day was busy, the agenda came to work with different groups, addressing some global problems with causes, consequences and probable solutions. In addition, she participated actively in the closing ceremony, where the former Chilean president and director of the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, Michellle Bachelet, was present.

Pride is even greater when he warns that, from America, only two young people. Axel and a person from Canada. However, the way to be there was long and arduous. First, in 2016, he participated in a forum organized by the City of Mendoza, called “The word counts”. It was organized by the Secretariat Children, Adolescents and the Family of the Nation. As he had an outstanding acting, was invited to a similar event, organized by the OAS. From there, adds two consecutive participations in this forum, in Geneva.

Axel started high school at the School of Education Pascual Technique Iaccarini of San Rafael,but changed to the School Margarita Cinca de Geary of the same department, where she surrendered half of fifth year. He says he had to take up to four subjects a day.

After his international experience, Axel Kurt Ottosen does not plan to become a European resident, but ensures that he wants to return to the country and work to bring it forward by applying everything he has learned in this experience. For this reason he would love to be president of Argentina. Because he understands that it is a position with which, beyond the name, the reality of a country can be transformed.

Axel-Kurt-Ottosen Axel-Kurt-Ottosen
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