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A “work and holldays” entrerriano in Australia

Entrerriano Santiago Chort applied for a work and holliday visa to get to know Australia, his favorite place in the world.

Santiago Chort is 26 years old and is native to the city of  Paraná , Entre Ríos. Like many of his compatriots, he applied for a work and holliday visa to  travel the world . Santiago chose to fly to the beautiful city of Sydney in Australia. “It was a lightning trip, I took out the visa and the tickets in a week,” Chort said.

While the visa allows you to work and rest, Paranaense recognizes that his interest was to vacation.  “ I arrived and enjoyed the holliday stage more than work.  But it was only for the time of  the holidays  that everything is quite stopped,” he added. The young entrerriano came across a place that amazed him from the first moment. “It's a paradise. He's got a barrier reef. There are 500 species of  birds  (throughout Entre Rios there are about 400 species) and 200 types of fish.”

 Argentines Loose in Australia 

Australia is one of the most visited countries by Argentine tourists. As if it were part of a  tradition , there are many young people who grab the backpack and go on a trip. Where? Adventure for a year to one of the most beautiful places in  Oceania .

They say that in  Australia  it is difficult for an Argentine not to run into another Argentine. “I arrived in Sydney at the end of November. I stayed at a hostel in the city center and found a community of Argentines there.  The first approach was for  the mate . They saw me barling and they said: 'Argentino', there I already became friends,” said Santiago .

Paranaense told the advantages and disadvantages of meeting so many  Argentines . He explained that, on the one hand, the good thing is that he always received advice and help from his compatriots. The bad thing is that he could not improve his English, as he quickly surrounded himself with Spanish speakers.

 Without a salary for paradise 

Entrerriano has a  passion  for water sports. He is a sailor of the Club Náutico Paraná and competed in various sailboat competitions in Paraná. So another goal in Australia was to embark and add nautical miles into its waters.

 For one of these coincidences, through Facebook, he found that a family needed a crew member for a  trip  . “I contacted them and, after having a coffee, they accepted me. I was told about the trip to an island called Lord Howe Island. They told me they wouldn't pay me, but I was going to have everything included,” he said.

After 78 hours of  navigation , led by the Australian crew, Santiago Chort achieved his task. “It was an incredible sailing on a 37-foot sailboat, very comfortable and robust,” he concluded.

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