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An Argentinean scientist awarded in Spain with the Princess of Asturias Award

Sandra was born in Bell Ville (Córdoba). It is a scientific reference in the area of ecology and specializes in botany.

Argentines around the world
Una científica argentina galardonada en España

American Joanne Chory and Argentinean Sandra Myrna Díaz, specialists in plant biology and scholars of the impact of the climate crisis, were recognized with the   Princess Prize of Asturias for Scientific and Technical Research 2019 .

Joanne Chory

The work carried out by both biologues separately placed them at the forefront of new lines of research on the climate crisis and its effects, and in the defense of biodiversity.

The jury has decided to distinguish both biologists for their “pioneering contributions” to knowledge of plant biology, which are “transcendental to the fight against climate change and the defense of biodiversity,” they reported.

Joanne Chory was born in Methuen (United States) in 1955. He has focused his field of research on the study of the mechanisms that regulate the functioning of plants, from the molecular to the cellular level. Also in their reactions to stressful environmental conditions.

To carry out his research he used a model organism. The “Arabidopsis thaliana” has revealed relevant aspects about genes involved in functions such as light sensitivity, hormones that regulate plant growth and response to water stress.

Their contributions on the role of phytochrome, a plant protein sensitive to red and infrared light are especially recognized. Also about the corgulation of genes involved in photosynthesis.

Sandra Myrna Diaz

Sandra Myrna Díaz was born in Bell Ville (Córdoba) in 1961. It is a scientific reference in the area of ecology and specializes in botany.

He has participated in the development of a methodological tool to quantify the effects and benefits of plant biodiversity and plant ecology of ecosystems and their human use in the form of fuel, materials, medicines, dyes, food, water protection and other contributions.

It also studies the role of biodiversity in countering global change. For example, by sequestration of atmospheric carbon.

Your career

The researcher graduated in Biology in 1984 from the National University of Córdoba, where she earned her doctorate in 1989.

In 1993, she returned as a professor at the University of Córdoba. She is currently a researcher at the Multidisciplinary Institute of Plant Biology, among other positions.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 13/06/2019

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