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Revolution in football

It is an app that allows young talents to be linked to clubs.

There is a revolution in football, from the hand of an Argentine idea. The search for talent will be oriented towards a new concept. With a  technological platform  that aims to facilitate contacts between entities and athletes.

Gloria app plans to become a  virtual intermediary 

Players from all over the world,  especially youth , will enter the orbit of partner clubs. Through agreements with national federations or professional leagues.

The ideologist of this initiative is called Victoire Cogevina. A young Argentinean entrepreneur who pushed the system from  Silicon Valley.  Where he settled after working as a representative in Major League Soccer (MLS).

During that experience, Gloria CEO detected  a “visibility” issue of hundreds of players.  That she was contacted to get a test at some institution.
“ A lot of kids sent me their video and the agency I worked for couldn't meet that need. I saw there was a market for a service that no one was giving. “Gloria” was born, says Cogevina in an interview with Télam.

 The new platform can be downloaded for free 

From any phone with Android or iOS operating system. Users - football players - will be visible to clubs for a monthly membership close to two dollars.

“It will be very simple to use. Just upload the necessary data to be searched. And then the videos, which are an industry standard.” He tells the racing fan entrepreneur, used to the Cilindro de Avellaneda while she lived in the country (2000-2016).

“We automate the first step: a club is interested in a player and we give him the possibility to send him a message. Only a club can send a message to a boy and not the other way around. Then the possibility of a call, a meeting or a test will be offered. Once that first connection is made, we run,” he warns.

Diplomatic father and agent mother FIFA

Cogevina trusts Gloria to reach 10 million users worldwide, once all agreements with federations or leagues have been established.
 The agreement with the Argentine Superliga is close to being finalized.  And also two others in the UEFA field, advances its creator. While clarifying that “access to Gloria's database will be equitable for all clubs in each league or federation.”

“We're going to use the Women's World Cup and America's Cup to make Gloria known before its launch,” he announces.

 The Gloria project also works Matías Castello, an Argentine programmer 

Trained in Luxembourg, he quit his job on Facebook to shape the app.
“ The videos will be analyzed with artificial intelligence automatically to categorize them and derive information using algorithms. No need to have to see them. That will make it easier to search for players according to certain parameters or filters.”

“Unlike what can happen on Facebook or You Tube, it will be very easy to find footballers of a certain age or characteristics (technical or tactical skill),” he promises.
Security will not be a problem either, for “Gloria's integrity is total.” And its database “will be exclusive to federations that work with the platform.”
“ The possibility of a boy falling into a deception is a very sensitive subject and Gloria was born to avoid that. Those who download the app will not be able to contact anyone because they will not have access to search and messaging tools,” says Castello.
“ Only the clubs associated with Gloria will be able to do so through the web platform and over it we will have absolute control,” he concludes.

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