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An Argentine in Antarctica

Evguenia Alechine is an Argentine scientist who participates in the largest women's expedition in history to reach Antarctica.
Argentines around the world
Evguenia Alechine es una científica argentina
26 January, 2020

Evguenia Alechine embarked on an unprecedented experience: she is the only Argentine representative among100 women participating in an expedition toAntarctica . It is part of a project that aims to form a network of leaders who work for the common good and for a more sustainable future.

Evguenia Alechine was born in Russia, but at the age of five he emigrated to Buenos Aires with his parents. However, she declares herself Argentinean. Fully trained in our public education, she is a PhD in Biochemistry, researcher and scientific communicator. His job is to translate scientific language into one that the general public can understand .

Back in the past, she ran for Homeward Bound, a global leadership program for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM). It aims to form leaders in the face of the climate crisis we face. Evgenia didn’t have too much expectations of being selected. But those responsible for the program valued her experience and called her. Today, you are living an experience that will be unrepeatable in your life.

This is how he embarked, along with other 99 women from 33 countries, on this expedition to Antarctica, one of the regions of the planet most vulnerable to climate change. During three weeks, they receive intense training in leadership, visibility, communication and problem solving. In addition, they perform flora sighting and Antarctic fauna and visits to scientific bases.

The motto of the program is “Mother Nature needs her daughters”: this is how 100 of these daughters are today carrying the banner of this much-needed transformation, becoming leaders who will be able to all of them to make the world a better place.

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