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“Am I going to New Zealand or buy a van?”

“He who conforms loses,” Daniel thought, and traveled to New Zealand. The story of a missionary determined to live on the other side of the world.

Argentines around the world
Masterpiece Daniel Strekier

Daniel Strekier has been a carpenter for over 30 years. He lived a quiet life in Apóstoles, Misionesprovince, until one day he read an article in the newspaper. “ New Zealand needs carpenters,” he said. That was 14 years ago and Daniel didn't doubt it.

He arrived in New Zealand at 37 years old, with an Englishman of few words and a tourist visa. His greatest difficulty was the language barrier. It took him time to prove his ability and skill as a carpenter because he struggled to put everything he knew how to do in words.

Daniel told him about the moment when he informed him of the decision to leave to his mother. “I told him one day before I bought the ticket. She always told me to close the workshop for a few days and take a vacation, that I needed them, that I worked a lot. When I told her, she was super happy, she asked me where I was going and I tell her to New Zealand (laughs). And where is that? I remember saying, look, this is the Earth, on this side is Argentina and on this side is New Zealand.”

The barrier of the language

When Daniel arrived in New Zealand, his English was very basic. The only word in his profession he knew was hammer . After 13 years he confesses that he continues to fight with the language, but that he has learned a lot. “Seeing it from afar today, it was nice, but at first it was difficult. In the first workshop where I worked, the early days made me a bit of bullying because I didn't understand them. But it was not so much for the language, but for the customs and habits. They liked to make jokes and they knew I couldn't defend myself because they couldn't call immigration. It's a different culture, a different way of life, and I had to try to adapt to this new country,” Strekier said.

un misionero decidido a vivir al otro lado del mundo.

The best of decisions

Although the missionary's original idea was to travel to New Zealand for 3 months, today he has been in New Zealand for 13 years. He acknowledges having fallen in love with that country. “I love Argentina, but there is a lot of corruption there, many people pay taxes and do not see changes. Here too, and they are expensive, but you see that you move forward, that you use the money to do works, to fix. Even sometimes it's too much!” , he says in laughter.

Daniel doesn't deny it, he misses his family and is proud to be

Publication Date: 06/08/2020

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By: Dante Orlando Saraceni 22 April, 2020

Brillante la moto. Aventurero el Apostoleño. Falta que toque un chamamé a estilo del Chango Spaciuk acompañado con yerba Amanda y todo cierra. Si me escapo del Corona y conservo pilas , estaré en ese maravilloso país nuevamente,para visitar a mis hijos ,nietos y yerno.

Por: Marcelo Claudio De Lisio 28 April, 2020

En respuesta a Dante Orlando Saraceni

Tal cual Dante! El apostoleño tomó coraje y se lanzó a la aventura, aún sin saber el idioma ¡un grande! Que lindo que tengas familia por esos lados. Seguro que vas a tener pilas para viajar a ese hermoso país. Te deseo lo mejor! Abrazo desde la tierra colorada! PD: Contame cuando viajes para allá que te hago una nota!!!

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