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A Trelewense in Africa

10,880 kilometers is the distance traveled by the Trelewense Celia Cintas to reach Nairobi, Kenya. We tell you about his work in Africa.

Argentines around the world

It was in early 2018. Celia received a proposal for work from scientist Aisha Walcott that changed her life. She was invited to participate in the development of The Digital Health Walletapp -Yeah. An application that allows patients to enter their medical records and at the same time allow hospitals and doctors to see them . But the employment came with two important requirements. The first was to know how to program. It was easy for Celia. She holds a PhD in Computer Science and, as a child, programming was always her hobby. The second, on the contrary, involved a real challenge. The IBM laboratory in which he was supposed to start work was exactly 10,880 kilometers from Trelew (Chubut). It was located in Nairobi (Africa), better known as the Green City on the Sun. For further reference, we are talking about Kenya, on the African continent . The Argentine scientistwas encouraged to travel there.

From Patagonia to mythical Africa

Changing the Patagonian landscape to the African landscape can be very abrupt. For most people the contrasts are absolute. In Patagonia it is cold, in Nairobi very hot. In southern Argentina there are cities, in Africa everything is jungle, lions, giraffes and rhinos. Celia herself acknowledges that, at first, when she looked out the window of her house without recognizing anything from her Patagonian postcard, she wondered: “What am I doing here?” However, these ideas are part of the past. Celia moves freely around Nairobi. Despite the endless miles that separate her from Trelew, she already feels like one more neighbor. “ It's a long trip that was worth it,”he says.

Nairobi is far from the mythical African city we all imagine. It is the capital and largest city in Kenya and the fourth largest in Africa. Nairobi is one of the youngest and most modernized regions in Africa. It's not even so hot! During the year, the temperature does not drop below 10°C or rises above 29°C. And while there are wild animals, they are all within Nairobi National Park. Just 7 km from the city centre, it is home to more than 80 species of mammals and 500 species of birds. Black rhinoceros, masai giraffe, lions and panthers roam calmly in the urban forest of more than a thousand hectares. Celia enjoys going for a walk there with her partner and her dog. It also enjoys outings to tapas bars, with exquisite flavors, and the aroma of Kenyan coffee. “The best in the universe,” he says.

Celia and her work team in Nairobi.

From Kenya to the world

The Celia team is responsible for organizing the information you need have a doctor when you refer a patient. That is, how to summarize the data of the patient, and containing everything necessary for the specialist who receives.

In Kenya there is one doctor every 5,000 inhabitants. “There's a lot of demand. So, when you're referred to another doctor, that doctor you're being referred to doesn't know anything about you,” he says. That happens. also in Argentina. So, in the future, the idea is that the application can be used in our country and in the world.

Publication Date: 25/02/2020

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