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A network of santafesinos is coming around the world

From the Provincial Capital Council they elaborated this innovative proposal for santafesinos around the world.

Argentines around the world
santafesinos por el mundo

Living abroad is often difficult. Many Santafesinos, for various reasons, decide to take new  paths  in other countries. But there are also many times that these  Saints around the world would give anything to have some contact with someone to give you a hand . This goes beyond the degree of hospitality enjoyed by the inhabitants of the country to which you travel.  Sometimes, you need some things to be explained by a slightly more “familiar” voice . Faced with this reality, many undertake the arduous task of searching through social networks or asking everyone “who knows an Argentine in such a country”.

First of all, from the legislative area of the city of Santa Fe, they promoted a very interesting initiative . The municipal council sanctioned a resolution  proposed by councilor Marcela Aeberhard  in order to create a virtual network of saints in the world. 

The idea proposes to run the Virtual Network Santafesinos Por el Mundo (RVS) Program, with the aim of connecting, building  and energizing all natural persons who were born in the city of Santa Fe and are residing abroad . It also covers those who, being foreigners, developed some temporary activity in Santa Fe. This promotes social, cultural, economic and educational activities, providing opportunities for personal and community development.

Among other provisions, the RVS Program aims to generate a  web platform  that manages the registration of interested parties, with personal data and the specific area of linking. The application  will serve as a contact between the different members to share experiences, activities, accommodation and projects . The platform must contain the acceptance of terms and conditions, which have to do with the handling and reservation of information provided.

 Necessary connection and tourism 

The resolution also implies the establishment of  an interesting annual competition  called “Recreando”. This will pose a problem of improvement in the city for the presentation of ideas, which will be  evaluated  and subsequently awarded recognition and mention. The virtual network of Santafesinos around the world  will allow them to propose policies on actions that municipalities can carry out  and be replicated locally and collaborate in the tourism promotion of the city.

The basic objective of this innovative idea is clear. It is necessary to create a bridge between Santafesinos who are abroad, or foreigners who had experiences in the city. This can be due to family, work or professional ties.  This also gives a space to those who want to disseminate traditions and values , and foster the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the Santafesina community.

It should be recalled that the city of Santa Fe has an outstanding participation of national educational institutions, industrial parks and technology centers, being a training center par excellence. This brings with it a logical connection with students and teachers from abroad. The intention of the city would be to generate a virtual network  that links the different actors of civil society. 

There is no doubt that being part of and generating networks among the Santafesinos will be invaluable. That is why this initiative serves both those who are interested in the world and  those who want to regain their roots because they have had to move abroad . When implemented, it will serve as an aid or  guide  in scheduling a trip or having a place of residence, containment and first steps in a foreign country.  It will also be useful to generate new ideas on city issues .

It is good that it is the municipal state itself that can generate this space.

Publication Date: 21/10/2020

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