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A missionary in London

A missionary in London with his Polish wife and a fernet bring Argentinity to England. We tell you his story.
Argentines around the world
Un misionero en Londres junto a su esposa polaca
| 28 November, 2019 |

About a year ago, Pablo Contreras was coordinating tours in Misiones, land of the Falls. These are a worldwide attraction, tourists from multiple destinations visit every day this natural wonder. And it was one of those sightseeing tours that changed Contreras’s life, and turned him into a missionary in London.

The poorest day in activity turned out to be one of the most important in Contreras’s life. “I did bike tours and that day I had only one reservation,” the guide said. Magdalena Wiśniewska is a Polish physiotherapist who had decided to travel alone. He made the tour he had booked with Contreras. They shared mates, a pizza, a beer and the evening came with a walk through the bars of Iguazu. A kiss on the cheek closed the evening and an exchange photos via WhatsApp.

The exchange of messages continued for about a month, and the need to see each other increased. Magdalena is Polish, but lives in London. He returned to Argentina to reunite with Pablo and enjoy a vacation in Brazil. The Polish woman, out of love, decided to bet on Argentina: she lived 11 months with Contreras in the province of Misiones. But problems appeared, migratory, linguistic and customs.

Pressure led them to make quick decisions: first they got married; after three months, Contreras had sold everything. All I had was a one-way ticket to England. Without imagining it, Paul had become a missionary in London.

Life in London

Life there is different, but your job is the same, tour guide. He left the jungle and environmental tours for tours outside London and historical explanations. The beginning was not easy, he had to coordinate work with studies, his days were long.


He could not export all the Argentinian: “My lady does not take mate, but the fernet loves it,” said the missionary in London. Your link to

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