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A Madrynese loose in Denmark

In 2015, Mariana Cagnoli married a young Danish and, four years later, they made the decision to cross the Atlantic.

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 Mariana Cagnoli is a 30-year-old Argentine actress  born and raised  in  Puerto Madryn   ,  Chubut , who has lived in Copenhagen , the capital of Denmark, since last year, where she lives with her husband, Henrik Lundorff, a native of that country, whom she married five years ago.; os in Buenos Aires.

 During his years in the  Patagonian  city , where he lived until the age of 19,  Mariana began her performance tour at the Teatro del Muelle , a characteristic cultural space of the town that depends on the municipality, while also perfecting her studies in English.

 In October 2013, the young woman met Henrik , when both ended up in the same group as part of the volunteer work of the Non-Governmental Organization Techo (formerly “A Roof for My Country”), and since then they have been together.  Two years later they raised the bet and gave the “yes”, and in 2019 they made the decision to cross the puddle and move to Denmark. 

Mariana recognizes that, before emigrating, she visited several times “to see if life change was feasible”, as she was aware that the “cultural clash” between the two countries is more than important.

 Before all that,  Madrynense  had an extensive artistic journey , trained as an actress and also practiced as a teacher.  In 2010 he began his studies in Acting Studio and Formation  (EFA) in San Telmo, where he graduated in 2012 from the 3-year training by Néstor Romero, Teresa Calero and Delila Romero.

 In 2011, she joined the National University of the Arts  (UNA), from which she graduated as a Bachelor in Acting from the Department of Dramatic Arts in 2017. Meanwhile, he took different courses and seminars to add to his training in what required physical and expressive training, the ability to create scenes and the work with texts. Since 2014, he also taught courses, workshops and seminars.

During those years he also performed in seven plays, in Emiliano Romero's short film  Topos , and in several short films. He also performed in various advertising at the national level.

 It was in 2019 that, after seriously meditating, previously visiting the country, together with Henrik decided to move to Copenhagen , where he remains thanks to the “Work & Holiday” visa, given that he has not yet obtained residence, as the requirements for immigrants are very strict.

After an arduous search that was complicated between the holidays and the pandemic, he got a job as an assistant in a dental supplies company.

 Like many Argentines who migrate to Europe for various reasons, he cannot avoid comparisons.  Just as the   comodorans who are in Valencia   highlight the tranquility of walking quietly along the street, their coterránea also highlights that. “Since kids we were taught to be alert when going out on the street, it was hard for me to get used to that,” said the young woman, who claims that there are no vulnerable neighborhoods and low-income people have social housing.

He also mentions that there are criminal acts, since it is impossible that, as much security as there is, there is no illegal record every time, but he claims that “everyone leaves their bikes outside at night, forget the phone at a bar table, come back and stay there.”

 Salaries  even in low-skilled jobs are good, although the cost of living is also high. So much that it is even impossible to rent a space alone. “Taxes are high, but no one hesitates to pay them because they are worth every penny and reflected in public spaces, safety, public health and education,” says Mariana.

Publication Date: 22/10/2020

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